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21st Century Learners – The Risk Takers

Being the world’s largest democracy and also the youngest we are in the midst of a culture shift like we’ve never seen before. Every society is divided by the generation gap— on one side you have the older generation who are more fixed in their world views and on the other you have the younger generation – the ones that are adaptable and become the driving force for the future.

Needless to say, the second section is what I have a lot of faith in. It is a force that is gaining momentum and it won’t be too long before it becomes unstoppable. In my career, I come across several young people and this is what I have learnt — that like every generation before their own, these young women and men are looking for nothing more than recognition.

They are in that age where they would like to be known, be seen and be heard; they’d like to be at the centre of attention and be the stars of their lives.Now, none of this is unusual for people of that age. Our parents, when we were at this age, wanted the same thing. What sets this generation apart is that unlike our generation they have a far, far larger platform. They have Facebook, Twitter, blogs and television shows that help them get that recognition and fame.

Why hold it against them simply because they have the avenues that our generation did not? I find this terribly unfair.

This generation has a lot more direction than the one which we belonged to because unlike us, the young today do not lack clarity. The can-do attitude and confidence is extremely important for the development of a country like ours, which even today is internationally known to be good at duplication rather than innovation in most sectors. Most of the learners I’ve come across in my career spanning 20 years have that burning desire to prove something to themselves and their family.

  • They want to better their circumstances and they want to rise up the social ladder.
  • They do not want to blindly emulate something just because their parents say so.
  • This generation doesn’t believe in playing safe.
  • They dare to think different and they operate with a can-do attitude and confidence that their parents’ generation might have lacked.
  • What sets them apart and what makes me hopeful of our countries future is that its youth hasn’t inherited the fear and insecurity of its previous generation.

Today’s youth is charting new territories not being afraid of the storm, choosing rather to ride into it and creating their own path. Our youth know exactly what they want out of life and hence they are ready to take those risks which we might have never dared to.

What is a risk? It can be dangerous at times but at the end it is nothing more than a leap of faith. Taking risks is always necessary because to risk is to break boundaries and possibly a method to unleash and discover ones full potential. Taking risks are, well, risky but by avoiding risks and by not daring to take that blind leap one will always continue to live a mundane, monotonous life enclosed in boundaries, and may never have a chance to truly shine.

‘A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for’ – Albert Einstein. And this is what we in JBCN International School teach our learners through our Educreative attributes. We want them to be prepared for all the challenges which they would face in life so that they could truly shine and reach the pinnacle of success.

We don’t want our learners to be known in this world for their cut and paste skills. Hence taking a calculated risk, using nothing but their own instinct and logic, is really going to help them hone their creativity skills which when applied in the right method and direction leads to special innovations. Well when I say this all it’s also very true that Risks, do not always pan out. This is where we parents come into picture. We need to always be there to ensure our kids that what may come we will be behind them with full support and encouragement showing them the right path. The idea of good cultural values and family traditions has to be imbibed in them at a very early age.

The very definition of a risk is something that may or may not give a reward. However, it is during our youth, where we must be exposed to taking risks, for they serve to be an important skill in life. And that is what education in JBCN is about. To prepare us to endure the loss during a risk, now where we have far lesser to lose, rather than later. There are often times, where as learners, we are unsure of ourselves. I sometimes think, “Am I on the right track? Will this pan out eventually?” In these situations, I must risk it, with only my instinct, faith in myself, and acquired knowledge to duke my way.

However, these are but minor tribulations that we overcome in the journey called life. When I take these risks I realise, that later on, we will all be faced with far greater problems, when the stakes are higher, and we will look back on these tiny risks we took, and laugh at how we used to worry about something so trivial, not knowing, that they are what prepared us, and moulded us into the person that we are.

The chalta hai attitude of the previous generation is now fading out and the youth are now beginning to find their voice.

I have a lot of faith and belief in them and I am certain that these young women and men will steer this country into the future very effectively.

This article is contributed by Dr. Narendra Shetty, Principal JBCN International School, Oshiwara

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Posted on: Wednesday,2017,May,Wed
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