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Benefits of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program For Students

Benefits of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs commonly referred to as the IBDP, is a comprehensive and balanced 2 year curriculum and assessment system that requires learners to study courses across all disciplines. Through careful subject selection, learners may tailor their course of studies to meet their needs. However, regardless of the subject selection, all learners will explore the connections between the six major subject areas, will study each subject through an international perspective, will reflect critically on what it means to be a ‘knower’, will pursue one subject in great detail through independent research, and will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in local and community outreach. The assessment pattern is formative rather than summative relying on a variety of different tools and strategies. So, lets talk about the benefits of IBDP.

What is the IBDP?

The Diploma program is rigorous in nature and is rightly known as a pre-university program. The skills that they develop within these two years include research, writing papers, data analysis, leadership opportunities, public speaking and presenting and becoming part of a global community are important when they join universities and allows them to settle comfortably into a new environment. Studying subjects from different streams gives learners an opportunity to explore, keep their options open and discover what their passion is. Discussed below are the benefits of IBDP.

The IBDP is a learner centred program where learners are encouraged to accept responsibilities for their studies. In the process they develop life skills like time management, organisation, collaboration and team building among other things. They become independent thinkers who are able to defend their opinions with data and logic. The IBDP learner profile is a list of attributes that are essential for learners to be well rounded individuals.

Opportunities are embedded within the program to develop each of these traits whether through Community, Action and Service (CAS) initiatives, Theory of knowledge or the extended essay.

Learners are encouraged to adopt projects or initiate projects under CAS program. Many successful community outreach stories are born as a result of the CAS initiative of a 17 year old student. The IBDP allows learners to celebrate their learning in different ways ensuring that each child gets a chance to shine. The CAS program sensitizes learners to the needs of different strata of the society and makes them aware and compassionate global citizens. All those who are associated with the IB in different capacities would agree that the CAS initiative is one of the most important aspects of the IB. Apart from these, there are many more benefits of IBDP.

Benefits of IBDP

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs

Overall, the IBDP is a dynamic program. The six subject groups offer bouquet of subject that is rich enough to meet requirements of vast population of learners. The IB ensures that these subject curriculums are revised and updated on an ongoing basis. Their relevance remains unquestionable. The subject guides published by IB endorses the fact that the content reflects IB’s mission statement. There is enough scope in each of these subjects to develop international mindedness among the learners. IB recognises the need of hour that the learners need to be digitally literate and hence, the curriculum has been designed to develop information literacy skill among the learners. Another beautiful feature of the IB Diploma Program curriculum is that it is a skill and concept driven program and not a content driven program. Unlike conventional education system, learners are not encouraged to memorise the content, rather they are encouraged to understand and apply their knowledge. Each of the subject groups has a skill set which is developed over a period of two years. This is further complemented by the research work done by the learners when they write Theory of Knowledge Essay or Extended Essay.

IBDP Focuses On Overall Growth

IB encourages an inclusive environment and as a result learners are exposed to diverse cultures from different parts of the world creating global and tolerant citizens.

Apart from the above positive influences on the development of a child’s overall personality, the fact remains that the acceptance rate of IB Diploma graduates is far higher than many other equivalent courses. The IBDP graduates often have better opportunities to earn scholarships or internships later on. (Source: www.ibo.org) The interdisciplinary teaching methodology of IB Diploma Program develops critical thinkers and global citizens of tomorrow who are ready to accept any challenge thrown by the life to them.

Author: Kinnary Shah, IBDP Coordinator
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