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Best Courses after 12th: Career, Salary & Job Opportunities

For all the young talented 12th graders out there who are trying to choose a career, here’s a read with a breath of fresh air. With all the hustle bustle and suggestions given by people around you, the mind gets flustered while making a decision. In today’s global scenario, there is a wide range of options available in different spheres. Be it Math, Science, Language, The Arts or Social Studies, excellence is achieved when the mind, body and soul work together hand in hand to achieve a goal. So we’ve put together a guide of the Best Courses after 12th, just for you!

You can choose a career oriented course or an academic course. The avenues of selection are doing a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Commerce and then accordingly take on engineering, medicine and surgery, various computer courses, fashion designing, photography, web designing, defense, marine, journalism, tourism, management, archaeology, public administration, teaching and the list goes on.

But before choosing a career you should contemplate seriously on the faculty of interest, your aptitude, educational qualifications, and ability to cope with the subject and above all the financial commitments that is necessary during the course.

Best Courses After 12th in the Arts Stream

Most people wonder what to do post Grade 12; a few career choices are listed here if you are in the arts stream. This is not an exhaustive list but more indicative, any of these career paths can be taken regardless of whether you are arts, commerce or science graduate.

  • Psychology: Industrial psychology, Social psychology, Counseling psychology, Clinical psychology, Special education, Learning disability, Human development, Human resources, Mental retardation
  • Sociology: General Sociology, Indian Society, Social Work, Sociology of health, Science and Technology, Environment, Sociology of religion, Occupational sociology, Cultural studies, Social exclusion and Inclusive policy, Social anthropology, Sociology and Mass media, Gender and Society, Sociological theories, Social demography, Industrial sociology, Criminology
  • Economics: Agricultural Economics, Business Economics, Quantitative Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Literature: Linguist, Writer
  • Law: Company Secretary, Legal writing, Defense writing, Notary, Law process out sourcing, Solicitor, Civil law, Criminal law, Corporate law, Property law, Securities law, Income tax law, International law, Property law, Information technology law
  • History: Heritage Management, Curator
  • Geography: Philosophy in geography, Applied geography, Geographic information science and systems, Geographical cartography, Remote sensing and Geographic information science, Geo informatics
  • Anthropology: Physical or Biological anthropology, Social anthropology, Prehistoric anthropology, Applied anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Forensic anthropology
  • Archaeology: Medical archeology, Eastern archeology, Marine time archeology, Archeological heritage management, Egyptology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Landscape archeology, Ethnography
  • Public administration
  • Library Sciences
  • Teaching: Teacher at school, college, university level, industrial and corporate teaching.

Best Courses after 12th in the arts stream

Best Courses After 12th in Teaching

Under the teaching stream, which has extended options, we’d like to talk about the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Course which is a teacher training course where you learn to equip yourself with essential quality teaching tools to facilitate learning and understanding for children in the age group of 2- 6 years. There are many bodies and institutions that conduct this course.

A multitude of career openings such as a pre-school teacher, supervisor, coordinator and curriculum planner open up after doing the course. You can also set up your own enterprise such as a preschool, day care center, recreation and hobby center and summer or winter camps.

Early Childhood Education Course

The children in this age group are building their foundational skills and they are like sponges ready to absorb everything they touch, see and feel around them. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that early childhood educators should be proficient teachers who have sound knowledge along with the skills to handle practical challenges.

A pre-school and kindergarten teacher has to be versatile in her approach. In the class, she needs to be a caring adult, a friend, an artist, a puppeteer, a singer, a dancer, an actor, a physical educator, a psychologist and play different roles to cater to the group of children with varied learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Importance of Early Childhood Education Course

As an Early childhood educator, a lot of teaching philosophies come into learning and practice such as the Montessori approach, Reggio Emilia approach, different learning theories and pedagogies. The young mind of the child has the capacity to make interconnections and they learn best when given opportunities to explore. This then calls for a deeper understanding and integration of subject areas on the part of the facilitators.

Early childhood educators require professional practice, especially in those aspects that involve building and nurturing relationships, curriculum decision-making, teaching and learning. As part of the course, internship that involves hands on experience is very important supplemented with self and group work.

There is also another field, which is special education and counseling for learners and parents in the early years for children with learning difficulties and behavioral concerns. This also requires a thorough study of brain development, physiological development, compassion and practical work. There’s a Latin proverb, which says, “By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.” And the cycle moves on.

Teaching is one of the Best Courses After 12th

So, if you are passionate about teaching and learning, love and care for the young budding stars, ready to accept challenges each day and enjoy what you do, this can be a successful career path to choose. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and therefore guiding and mentoring them is an immense contribution to the society as well.Kindergarten Teaching is surely for you.

Let’s end with a quote by Brian Herbert, ‘The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; and the willingness to learn is a choice.’

After reading this, hope you broaden your thinking and make a conscious career choice that will enable you to hone your talent, fulfill your dreams and most importantly live life to the fullest!

Author: Shubhra Irani, Head of Pre-primary
JBCN International School Borivali

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