Note from the Principal

Dr Narendra Shetty Confidence, courage and compassion are the key to a lifetime of happiness and that is what we need to focus on when we are entrusted with the care of so many young hearts and minds.

The rat race of marks and more marks in the various examinations that a learner has to go through in today’s world is leading to an acute dilution of the actual learning and understanding that is the foundation of transformational education. The fundamentals of our system are now in urgent need of renovation so that the future generations are skilful and intellectual with a critical and philosophical understanding of the world that we live in.

A sound mind that is always sharp, a kind heart that is always empathetic and a keen intellect that is always open to new perspectives is what we endeavor for. Physical activities that lead to a lifetime of health and wellbeing have to be integrated in our daily routine. The future of mankind is nurtured in schools and that responsibility is not to be taken lightly by any one of us.

The understanding of global needs, working for the sustainability of our planet, and development of sensitivity to human issues woven into a strong ethical fabric is more important than the mere learning of facts and figures. Language learning has to be supplemented with an appreciation of human diversity, the learning of social sciences is incomplete without adding respect for global perspectives, and sciences can thrive and be useful only when we focus on the importance of innovation and practical application. Mindfulness, tempered with tolerance will promote a culture of fearless exploration and boundless creative pursuit.

Information is freely available at the click of a button but assimilation rather than accumulation is the path to lasting wisdom and knowledge.
Mrs. Debika Chatterji