Value Addition

First in Math

It is a US based Math application that is used on-line and it enables learners to apply skills taught in class and compete with their immediate peers and across schools in Mumbai and globally with rewards and incentives for different levels achieved. This on line assessment application also has a family feature and enables learning to really come alive.

The most recent feature includes a competition called 24 endorsed by the Mayor of London, making FIM the most progressive Math application software available
First in Math - JBCN


Times NIE

Times NIE‎ is a programme of using newspapers in education


Thinking Skills Programme

The inquiry based curriculum at JBCN focus on thinking skills, problem solving, techniques and strategies. Incorporating case studies, scenario building exercises, cause and effect and thinking questions. JBCN’s learning environment from Pre-primary years initiates opportunities for “out of box” thinking


Outreach Programme

Mitrajyoti, Cotton Association of India, Helen Kellar & Saklecha Foundation


Looking glass Programme

It is s unique international enrichment program in Maths and Informatics for Learners of Grade 3 upwards. It has been visualised and constructed by a US-based team of educators who are alumni of Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Princeton. The programme is designed to allow students to develop critical reasoning and problem solving skills in foundation subjects, in addition to introducing them to new domains such as Informatics


Looking Glass (Talent club)

After school hours specialised activities including Manners and Beyond, Mandarin,First Aid Courses, Robotics, Speech and Drama etc


Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Programme

A Singapore based initiative, this program works closely with the Reading and Writing curriculum at JBCN, as learners are awarded their unique lexile scores and are encouraged to read titles that match their pace and serve as huge motivational strategies to promote reading at JBCN. It is a great resource tool for educators and parents to understand their learner’s specific reading levels.


Edfinity Programme (Grade 3 upwards)