Working at JBCN

JBCN International School offers teachers a unique opportunity to be a part of young, passionate organization that has glocalisation at its heart. There are myriad opportunities for growth both within and outside of the schools for teachers. Learning at JBCN is a lifelong process so anyone who is part of the organization grows not in only professionally but also personally as a result of continuous training and workshops.

Professional Development

At JBCN, we believe that teachers are learners too. We conduct weekly trainings, Weekly Professional Reading, Mentoring Programmes, Online Courses and Self Evaluations for our teachers. They are also exposed to National and International Workshops that help them professionally.

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  • Empowering English
  • Grammar
  • Workshop on Mathematics (I.C.S.E. CURRICULUM)
  • Madhuban
  • Interpreting Children’s Drawings – “Disha Counseling Center.”
  • Care to Connect
  • Differential Learning
  • Classroom Management and Positive Disciplining, Concept Mapping
  • Working in Groups
  • Measuring Learning
  • The Inquiry Classroom
  • AECED Workshop
  • Teacher Foundation Workshop
  • Inclusive School – “The Blueberry Way”


Hear from Our Team of Educators

Great schools cannot happen without great experience. Working with JBCN International School gave me a feeling of being a part of a family, where we laugh and work in collaboration.

It gave me a platform to nurture my dreams with a wholesome teaching and learning experience. Constant mentoring from my experienced heads taught me something new every day. Through the adaptive environment provided, I look forward to accelerate my career with the JBCN International School.

Grade 1 Faculty
JBCN Parel Faculty

JBCN Parel Faculty
It is wonderful working at JBCN as the atmosphere here is very warm and supportive. It encourages us to explore and excel in our field by various training programs conducted at school. The caring relationship with colleagues helps us in our daily life too. The school uses new innovative technology to teach in class which motivates students to be lifelong learners.

Grade 3 Faculty

Working with JBCN has been a truly enriching experience for me as a teacher. With the constant support I received from my Head of Primary & Principal, I am able to explore many innovative approaches towards teaching and making the curriculum come alive for our learners. JBCN is an amazing platform for professional as well as personal growth.

Grade 5 Faculty
JBCN Parel Faculty

JBCN Parel Faculty
JBCN has been like a loving family for me. This is my second year in this school, but it feels like I’ve been here since ages! When I joined this school as a fresher, I never got an apprehensive feeling as everyone here has been so lovable and helpful. I’ve been an example of the learning and growth that this school imparts, from a baby who didn’t know how to deal with situations, who was all over the place to a year leader now. JBCN has been an amazing teacher for me. Every day at this school is filled with adventures, emotions, conversations, fun and excitement. The love that the kids have given me has been the icing on the cake of my JBCN experience.

Grade 2 Faculty

After 12 years of experience in teaching, I joined JBCN International School 3 years back.The school believes to nurture the inquiring young minds and create a lifelong love for learning. Through the journey of growth from homeroom teacher to subject teacher to year leader I saw my dream getting fulfilled, a dream to become a successful professional in the field of Education. At JBCN, I have got opportunities to develop professionally by attending workshops and training programmes. I have got many occasions to prove my skills, talents and creativity. JBCN is my second home; we work, have fun, enjoy small and big gatherings, share problems and solve them. The management and school leaders are very supportive and have a clear vision. I look forward for long term association with JBCN family.

Grade 3 Faculty
JBCN Parel Faculty