Note from Management

Mrs. Pinky Dalal

JBCN Founder & Chairperson Dear Parents, My educational philosophy at JBCN has been shaped by the interplay between the two hats I have always worn -that of a mother and an educator.

The IB Diploma Programme proved to be a transformational experience for my son, Kunal, a transformation that I have observed first-hand. The rigorous yet engaging curriculum, encouraged him to think, to question, to analyse and to problem solve. It guided him to discover different aspects of his personality and to continuously challenge himself through courses he might otherwise never have chosen to take. The strong CAS Programme shaped crucial attitudes like empathy and respect, helping him to develop into a global citizen, able to view the world from multiple perspectives. It equipped him to play a variety of roles with confidence, whether it is to debate issues as a panellist, to address an audience or to devise strategies.

As a parent, I feel that the IBDP has given Kunal the confidence to follow his dreams and developed in him a sense of commitment to plan for future success. It has played a pivotal role in who he is today – be it is his educational vision, his leadership skills or his desire to give back to society.

Both as a mother and an educator, I am convinced that the IBDP will play a similar role in your children’s lives. At JBCN, we are committed to providing them with an IB Diploma Programme that offers the perfect foundation and launching pad for their future success.
Mrs. Pinky Dalal


Mr. Kunal Dalal

Mr. Kunal Dalal

Managing Director To the Senior School learners,

I’ve been in your shoes. After years of schooling, I wanted to just let loose and enjoy my college years. I didn’t want to focus on learning; yet something prompted me to choose IBDP. I think it was one of the most important decisions that I made because it enabled me to come out of my cocoon and expanded my thinking. I felt that the IB was the perfect blend of allowing me to enjoy this phase but also keeping me engaged in learning. Through the IBDP, I learnt that I am responsible for my own work- no one was going to remind me to complete it. If I took deadlines lightly, it was to my own detriment. To do something, I had to give my best- taking the easy way out was not an option.

Being a student of the IB cemented my belief that in order to be an effective leader, you need knowledge and qualities in equal measure. A leader’s role is not just to lead but to keep his team together, a lesson that I learnt through my team projects. My extended essay, the CAS activities and international competitions I participated in, made me a versatile learner and prepared me for university life.

When I chose the IB, I didn’t realize the lifelong impact that the learning would have on me; but till today, I reflect on those days with fondness. I am grateful for the skills that I learnt as they have served me well through my professional journey.

Since I’ve been a student of the IB, I know firsthand the impact that it can make, motivating me to ensure that our programme will truly set our learners apart.



Ms. Kinnari Shah

Deputy Principal- Secondary Dear Student,

Welcome to the enthralling world of the International Baccalaureate The Diploma Programme offers the most action packed and exciting learning experiences. The IB learners are exposed to academic rigour and encouraged to think and question through their Extended Essay and their study of Theory of Knowledge. The IB philosophy of creating lifelong learners who are compassionate citizens resonates with the Mind Body Soul programme of JBCN.

The Diploma Programme is rightly called a Pre-University programme as the students learn to achieve the impossible and convert obstacles into opportunities. Students not only learn to multitask but also develop life skills like time management, research and communication.

I have been associated with international education since the last 13 years in varying capacities. First as a professor of Business Management and then as a DP coordinator, Workshop leader, IB reader and as a member of the school visiting team of the lB.

In my experience as an IB facilitator, I firmly believe that the IB aims at developing global citizens who understand cultural diversity and accept differences with an open mind. The learning in the Diploma Programme will endeavor to achieve the mission statement of IB and JBCN. The learning interactions will develop the learner attributes in each of our JBCN’ites.

The JBCN IB Diploma Programme is going to be filled with learning, leadership opportunities and unique experiences which will give each of our learners a head start.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Ms Kinnari