From our senior management team

Julie Dowling

Vice Principal

“For me, the best learning comes from true experience. To be exposed to challenges, to enjoy the adventure and to experience the delight of a new encounter or scenario, with possible trials along the way, is the most effective way to develop independence in mind and spirit.”

Kinnari Shah

IBDP coordinator

“My vision is to establish a learning environment that would be conducive for students to develop life skills and become global citizens.”

Sylvie Meurein

Head of Primary

“Education and knowledge are the most powerful tools, it is a passport to the future.”

Rachita Raisinghani

Head of Admissions and Administration

All children, infact even adults, are natural learners and want to experience learning as long as they see joy in it. At JBCN, we firmly believe in a child’s right to experiencing this joy day after day, to think creatively, venture out of the box, be confident communicators and have a point of view. A school today, is required to equip students with not just a strong academic foundation, but also the skills to be able to cope with the future. A future that none of us can possibly try and predict. Technology, subjects and skills in demand may change overnight – JBCN believes in nurturing students to become adaptive, independent thinkers with courage and perseverance and a strong set of core values.