American College of Greece Model United Nations

Learners from JBCN Oshiwara recently participated in the 2nd Annual session of the American College of Greece Model United Nations (ACGMUN) Conference, held in Greece. The ACGMUN followed the THIMUN format (The Hague International Model United Nations), which is the closest to United Nations in terms of procedures. Our learners made us very proud. Youngest in the lot and yet they displayed praise worthy understanding of the procedures and were very eloquent during committee discussions. Our young and confident 13 year olds, were also recognized by the Secretary General for their level of debate and in depth understanding of issues.

Time away from family is an essential opportunity for children to take initiative, exercise their autonomy and develop leadership, problem-solving and social skills, which often build self-esteem. And we couldn’t have been prouder of our young teenagers as they embraced their first international school interaction with amazing confidence.

The theme this year was Globalism, Stability and Equality. The Agenda included issues that reflect this emphasis, from human rights to improving living conditions of minority groups, to threats of war, including the unstable situation with ethnic and religious cleansing in Myanmar. Our learners participated in 8 committees as delegation of Singapore, Norway as well as Greece.