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Guide to the Columbia Business School Summer Programme at JBCN

Right after the final examinations at school, students get a lovely opportunity to take a break. Go on a vacation, play sports, do the things they love, spend time with their friends and families, learn new skills, and so on. It’s a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body after a long and tough school year. The ending of an academic year is usually quite blissful – not only for children but also their parents!

Ever wondered why children struggle to get back in the ‘studying zone’ at the start of the year? But are schedule ninjas by the time the year ends? The answer lies in the crucial summer vacation. Let’s discuss The Columbia Business School Summer Programme JBCN.

Why Should Children Opt For Summer School?

In order to learn something well, you constantly need to revise. If not that, then at least a fixed schedule is required. Schedules train your brain to do certain things at certain times. Once a schedule becomes a habit, it becomes much easier to follow it and therefore constantly learn and better yourself.

Summer schools use the same concept. These part-time programmes give students a timetable to follow and act according to. Summer schools also include extracurricular activities for the children. When paired up with studies, summer school programmes give the required training to study ably for the following year.

Because there is no gap in the learning process, summer schools prove to be very effective in maintaining the curiosity and the spirit of learning in children. The provided timetable, if followed religiously, gives children an edge over their peers come school time because there hasn’t been any ‘gap’ in learning. Thus, a child can perform to his or her fullest over the year. A summer school not only gives children valuable knowledge but also toughens them up for the upcoming year!

About The Columbia Business School Summer Programme

summer schools in Mumbai
JBCN Education, in partnership with Columbia Business School, brings to Mumbai a unique summer school programme on Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As part of the programme, international faculty from Columbia Business School will engage with participants of the programme to develop entrepreneurial skills and take them through the various stages a business opportunity goes through – right from ideation to execution. With exposure to entrepreneurship from the faculty of an Ivy League Institute, opportunities to interact with talented guest speakers, and field visits to successful business ventures, the programme is designed to inculcate business-thinking in the minds of the participants.

About JBCN Education

Mumbai-based JBCN Education is a pioneering organization in the field of education for over 3 decades, having built a strong presence in the schooling sector through the management of 14 educational institutes, including pre-schools, national and international high schools.

JBCN Education leads three International Schools in Mumbai that adopts a range of curricula of the IBO (PYP, DP), CIE (CIPP, IGCSE), ICSE and NIOS, implemented through a unique method of learning and understanding that makes the school a foundation for lifelong learning.

Powered by a dynamic team, driven by a strong vision, and incorporated with the latest educational research practiced globally, JBCN Education has emerged as one of the finest International Schools in Mumbai.

About Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is one of the most prestigious B-Schools in the world and is highly sought after by aspiring MBA students. It is the business school of University of Columbia and is one of the 6 Ivy League business schools. Situated in Manhattan, New York City, Columbia Business School belongs to the M7 group of elite MBA programs, the other six being Chicago Booth, Harvard, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Stanford, and Wharton.

Cantered in New York City, the global hub of business, Columbia Business School offers its students daily access to influential industry leaders.

Faculties for the Summer Programme

Daniel McQuade - Director, Venture for all, Columbia Business School

Daniel McQuade

Director, Venture for all, Columbia Business School
Daniel McQuade, President of McQuade Marketing, a marketing and business development company with expertise in providing branding and marketing services across many business verticals. Due to his strength in branding, marketing, and business development, Daniel has founded companies that have been thought leaders and pioneers in developing a change in old industries. He is a marketing counselor for the Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center and presents workshops on marketing and branding to new business entrepreneurs and expanding small business ventures at Columbia Business School.

Prof Jack McGourty

Director, Venture for all, Columbia Business School
Prof Jack McGourty teaches courses in entrepreneurship, venture creation, and product innovation. Prior to joining the Columbia Business School, Jack was Vice Dean for Columbia’s Engineering School. Over the past 17 years, Jack has been an active member of the University’s entrepreneurial community, establishing an undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship, teaching core and advanced courses in New Venture Creation & Growth, and launching the Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center. Jack is the driving force behind Venture for All® designed to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and build capacity for high potential start-up ventures in emerging markets.

Prof Jack McGourty - Director, Venture for all, Columbia Business School


Columbia Business School Benefits For Participants

  • In-depth exposure to Ivy League Pedagogy
  • Skill development and building an entrepreneurial mindset through an intensive pre-college course
  • Tremendous value towards resume building
  • Develops creative problem solving and decision-making capabilities
  • Fosters the habit of personal time management
  • Helps develop personality attributes such as leadership, teamwork, project management etc.
  • Letter of Recommendation from the Director of Columbia Business School
  • Certificate from Columbia Business School on completion of the course.

Grade Eligibility

Batch 1: Grade 8 to Grade 12 Batch 2: Grade 12 to Grade 16

Age Eligibility

Batch 1: 14 years to 17 years Batch 2: 18 years to 22 years

Structure of the Programme

There are 5 parts or modules in the programme each catered towards the development of an entrepreneur. These parts will comprise of sessions, lectures, and group discussions.

Module 1: Business Opportunities

  • Introduction to New Venture Creation Process
  • Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity Identification & Evaluation Business Model Development
  • Customer Discovery Process
  • Product Market Fit

Module 2: Strategy and Viability

  • Market Attractiveness
  • Industry & Market Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Advantage

Module 3: Innovation, Branding and Digital Marketing

  • Product Development/Minimal Viable Product
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy Branding
  • Pricing Strategies and Tactics

Module 4: Leadership and Finance

  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Key Resources & Partnerships
  • Social Responsibility & Ethics Profit Models
  • Revenues & Costs

Module 5: Execution and Presentation to Investors

  • Financial Analysis & Cash Management

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