Working at JBCN

JBCN International School offers teachers a unique opportunity to be a part of young, passionate organization that has glocalisation at its heart. There are myriad opportunities for growth both within and outside of the schools for teachers. Learning at JBCN is a lifelong process so anyone who is part of the organization grows not in only professionally but also personally as a result of continuous training and workshops.

Professional Development

At JBCN, we believe that teachers are learners too. We conduct weekly trainings, Weekly Professional Reading, Mentoring Programmes, Online Courses and Self Evaluations for our teachers. They are also exposed to National and International Workshops that help them professionally.

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  • Empowering English
  • Grammar
  • Workshop on Mathematics (I.C.S.E. CURRICULUM)
  • Madhuban
  • Interpreting Children’s Drawings – “Disha Counseling Center.”
  • Care to Connect
  • Differential Learning
  • Classroom Management and Positive Disciplining, Concept Mapping
  • Working in Groups
  • Measuring Learning
  • The Inquiry Classroom
  • AECED Workshop
  • Teacher Foundation Workshop
  • Inclusive School – “The Blueberry Way”


Hear from Our Team of Educators

JBCN Oshiwara Faculty
I couldn’t have asked for a better platform to begin my career in the field of teaching wherein one is given the freedom to implement new ideas and the necessary help is provided to execute the same. The marriage that took place with JBCN International School, Borivali 6 years ago in 2011 has become stronger as time has passed. The holistic approach towards learning has been imbibed in me over these years and made me learn innovative ways of teaching through the various workshops conducted by the school. It is truly a school that has enriched its learners and teachersthrough its journey and set a mark in the field of education. It’s an honor to work for a prestigious school like JBCN and be a part of the school’s success.

Preeti Mali
Year Leader – Pre-Nursery and Nursery

It has been a great experience being a pre-primary teacher at JBCN International School, Borivali since its inception. I have grown as a curious educator and have nurtured the learners with passion and dedication, engaging them with EduCreative experiences every day. The effective professional development training and workshops conducted each year enriches my knowledge and motivates me to immediately implement the concepts in the classrooms, thus facilitating the learning process and inspiring learners to spread their wings and bring out their creative streaks.

Maria D’silva
Year Leader – Junior Kg
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty

JBCN Oshiwara Faculty
JBCN International School is one of the best places to work as a teacher in this city. I am proud to be a teacher here where I am committed to the holistic development of my learners. We follow an intense EduCreative Approach towards learning to focus on the development of the learner’s mind, body and soul.

Fostering the love of learning needs flexibility, support, understanding and co-operation of the staff, and JBCN International School truly succeeds in providing these opportunities to each one of its members. I am blessed to work in an environment wherein we not only facilitate in the learning process but also learn and grow as teachers every day in the most exciting, enriching and inspiring ways.

Vaidehi Pandya
Year Leader – Grade IV

I feel privileged to be a part of a learner centric school which believes in “Any mistake can be managed but not the demotivation of kids”. JBCN not only cares to educate learners about our Indian traditions and culture but also puts in great efforts to include the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies to provide learners and teachers a platform. By hosting the inventors’ convention this past year, JBCN has given both – learners and teachers “wings to fly”.

My passion of re-learning by teaching has been re-ignited at JBCN. I feel I am in a place where I can relax, enjoy, think and grow by making my learners smile!!!!

Anuj Pathak
Secondary Faculty – Physics
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty

JBCN Oshiwara Faculty
I am a very proud JBCNite, who has been a part of the JBCN, Borivali family since its inception, seven years ago.The Mind,Body and Soul program in which the school truly believes in, brings an all-round development in a learner.The environment of the institution nurtures the creativity in the teachers as well as the learners. JBCN has always given me support and encouraged me to develop my skills and learning through different workshops, which helped me to train my learners to unleash their hidden talents. JBCN, Borivali is a happy place where the entire staff and parents mold well together and achieve what is best for the learners.

Vaishali Walanj
MBS Coordinator
I have joined JBCN International School, Borivali (W) in the year 2011. It is my 6th year in the school. It has been a wonderful journey throughout the years. As a teacher I have learned many new techniques for teaching during different workshops. I have improved a lot in my speaking skills. I feel confident during interaction with teachers, learners and their parents. Parents have given positive feedback during Annual Concerts, different competitions for their child.

Vaibhav Patwardhan
Music Faculty
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty
Working for the past 5 years in JBCN International School have been the best years of my life. The working atmosphere is wonderful and enriching. It has given me every opportunity to increase my knowledge and improve my skills so that I am competent enough to handle and help my learners in every step of their learning. It stands for what it believes enriching and empowering lives with their mind, body and soul program.

Neeraja Kunte
Secondary Faculty – Art
I started working with JBCN International School since the year 2015.Today after completing two successful years with JBCNites were always supportive, helpful as when needed for any aspect. From the first day itself I sensed a feeling of belongingness and being one among the JBCNites. The functioning and working system of the institution is well organized and structured. The valuable guidance and suggestions from the experienced teachers were beneficial in the attainment of academic goals and facilitated in effective teaching learning experience among learners. During this period many values & virtues was inherited and motivation to remain as a JBCNites.

Gopinath Adidravid
Secondary Faculty – P.E.
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty