IGCSE School result

We have often heard it said:

Behind every success is effort,
every effort is passion,
Behind every passion is the courage to persevere.

And it is this passion, effort and courage that we celebrate the achievements of our learners.

Academic year

Grade X IGCSE Results:
IGCSE 2019 2020 results

A-Levels (Grade XI – XII) Results:
A levels 2019 2020 results

23 learners appeared for the IGCSE exams in March this year. In the overall performance in various subjects the learners secured 50 A*s and 49 A s. 8 learners have also qualified for the prestigious ICE certification out of which 6 learners have secured distinction and 2 learners have secured merit.

As we congratulate them on their success, we wish for them all the happiness and satisfaction in their future endeavours.

JBCN IGCSE Borivali school result - 2017-18

Grade X IGCSE Results:
  • No. of learners who appeared for the Grade X IGCSE board examinations : 28
  • 100% of learners scored A* or A in Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, French, ICT, Economics and Combined Sciences
  • 92% of learners scored A* or A in Mathematics
  • 82% of learners scored A* or A in Biology
  • 80% of learners scored A* or A in Business Studies
  • 78% of A* and As

Grade X IGCSE Results 2018-19