The EduCreative Way

Educreative Process at JBCN

EduCreative Process

JBCN International School embodies the inspirational vision of its founder, Mrs Pinky Dalal. Her educational philosophy, evolved over thirty years of work in the educational arena, sees learning as an EduCreative process that nurtures each child’s unique set of talents, strengths and skills through a balanced Mind Body Soul programme.

An Educreative Process JBCN
The vision through JBCN International School is to nurture principled young people who, with conviction and commitment, can take their place as leaders and problem solvers in a rapidly globalizing world.

In essence, JBCN International offers its learners a unique EduCreative experience through its Mind Body Soul programme.

EduCreative Experiences

Enriching Creative experiences at JBCN International School comprise practical, cultural and challenging activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young learners. Together with our programme of academic excellence, they facilitate the balanced and holistic Mind Body Soul development of our learners as part of the EduCreative experience at the school.
Creative Experiences are spread across three categories: Artistic Exploration, Sports Education and Social Awareness.

Artistic Exploration

Our programme objective is for learners to view every artistic medium as an expression of creativity, culture, tradition and our legacy to the future. The creative arts programme nurtures creativity and self expression through a variety of media, techniques and tools in Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Communication Skills, Cookery, Gardening, Theatre Arts and Publications.

Creative self expression enhances every child’s sense of competence and well-being and helps children appreciate their own and others’ unique approach to life.
JBCN Artistic Exploration

JBCN Artistic Exploration

Sports Education

Our Sports Education Programme aims to create a sports culture that encourages fitness, a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and the spirit of sportsmanship in all walks of life.Our programme is designed to provide sportspersons the best of facilities, coaching, resources and support in athletics, gymnastics, chess, skating, swimming, martial arts, cricket, football and basketball, among others.

As a vital part of our Mind Body Soul programme, sports education at JBCN International builds in our learners, resilience, perseverance, collaboration and equanimity as vital EduCreative attributes.


Social Awareness

Our programme objectives are to enhance learners’ awareness of social issues and create a sense of social responsibility.

We encourage learners to contribute positively to the community by involvement in socially relevant concerns and actions initiated by NGOs and social service initiatives in the neighbourhood by local community groups.

Social Awareness nurtures empathy, caring and sharing within the school community and with the world at large. It encourages learners to be respectful of the feelings and perspectives of others.
Social Awarness