The concept of houses to encourage a competitive spirit between peers has always existed but at JBCN we’ve taken this a step further. For us, we wanted to create a sense of belonging and pride for the learners, which is why each houses has its own signage, flag and slogan to cheer them on during events. Our learners feel and cheer for their houses as you would feel and cheer for your favourite sporting teams. We consider each of learners as warriors with tremendous fighting spirit in different spheres hence all our houses are based on different warrior clans. Our houses compete with each other on both academic and non-academic fronts truly embodying the spirit of a holistic programme.


Gallant Gladiators

The Gallant Gladiators are renowned for their discipline, bravery and endurance. They believe in thorough preparation, teamwork and leading by example. They follow their passions with a clear vision and are willing to take risks to achieve their goals.
Hustle and heart, right from the start, The Gallant Gladiators are a class apart!



Super Samurai

The Super Samurai are true warriors who uphold loyalty, courage, truth, compassion and honor above all else. The Samurai also believe in a rich cultivation of mind and spirit through writing, painting, art and philosophy.
We never back down, we never quit, The Super Samurai are a champion hit!



Terrific Titans

The Terrific Titans are admired for their heroism, strength, intelligence and sense of adventure. They are leaders of impeccable reputation, famous for their justice, forethought, wisdom and inspiration. They also have superb artistic skills and are eloquent speakers.
Strong to the finish, eye on the prize Terrific Titans to victory will rise



Valiant Vikings

The hallmark of the Valiant Vikings is their speed, resilience and strength. Their growth is powered by a strong spirit of exploration, discovery and adaptation. They are strong, fearless and independent fighters who believe in a rich exchange between a variety of cultures.
The Valiant Vikings know no fear Straight to victory, in high gear