Nurturing at JBCN

Nurturing at JBCN

Pre Primary

When the learners join us in the pre primary years they need a lot of pastoral care. The teachers being versatile take on myriad roles during the school day. At JBCN we ensure that our pre primary teachers are maternal, fun loving and capable of multi tasking. The pre primary years are the formative years of a child’s life. Most research shows that learners develop their personality traits by the time they are 7 years old. The programme and nurturing environment ensures that our learners have a sense of security, belonging and most importantly develop a lover for learning.

We have an open communication policy between the faculty and the parents through the almanac, quarter orientations, progress review days and multiple other engagement opportunities. We encourage parents to share their concerns, their child’s achievements at home and progress with us on a regular basis. We believe that the school and parents work hand in hand and are partners in ensuring that the learners are getting the best.

Primary and Secondary

As our learners grow in our programme their needs from their teachers change, but no matter their age they need a nurturing and secure environment. Once learners have a sense of belonging they feel comfortable enough to explore unchartered territories and challenge themselves. Our teachers, are now academic partners for the learners so that teaching and learning can happen. They are also observers and mentors, making sure that the learners are able to handle the changes and challenges that are a part of growing up. As learners grow older, they realize the subjects that they have a knack for and start developing strong opinions. At JBCN we ensure that we have strong faculty for every subject, who make the learning environment vibrant, lively and dynamic so learners enjoy all their classes.