Value Addition

First in Math

It is a US based Math application that is used on-line and it enables learners to apply skills taught in class and compete with their immediate peers and across schools in Mumbai and globally with rewards and incentives for different levels achieved. This online assessment application also has a family feature and enables learning to really come alive.

The most recent feature includes a competition called 24 endorsed by the Mayor of London, making FIM(First in Math) the most progressive Math application software available.
JBCN first in maths


Times NIE‎

Times NIE‎ is a programme of using newspapers in education.
Times NIE - JBCN



Leapstart provides physical education to our pre primary learners. The exclusive LeapStart curriculum is the outcome of 20 years of research by the San Diego State University. The curriculum has evolved over the years making it an organic fit for local market demands and is customized for individual schools requirements.


Theatre Arts

The theatre programme is run by theatre professionals, who understand the nuances of theatre, acting, emoting, directing and so on. Our learners through their instruction get a combination of fun with actual understanding of theatre.


Outreach Programme

Mitrajyoti, Cotton Association of India, Helen Kellar & Saklecha Foundation



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