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A to Z Reading Programme

Reading A-Z is among the family of Learning A-Z websites providing online curriculum resources.Launched in January 2002, Reading A-Z now has more than 170,000 members and has won a number of educational awards for its innovation in reading instruction. Among the awards are a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, a Global Learning Initiative Award, and a Teachers’ Choice Award.Reading A-Z is a constantly changing program. Each month, Reading A-Z adds new books, lesson plans, and other resources, thus continually expanding its wealth of materials.


First in Math

A US based Math application, First In Math is used on-line and it enables learners to apply skills taught in class and compete with their immediate peers and across schools in Mumbai and globally with rewards and incentives for different levels achieved. This online assessment application also has a family feature and enables learning to really come alive.The most recent feature includes a competition called 24 endorsed by the Mayor of London, making FIM(First in Math) the most progressive Math application software available.
JBCN first in maths


Times NIE‎

Times NIE‎ is a programme of using newspapers in education.
Times NIE - JBCN



LeapStart provides physical education to our pre primary learners. The exclusive LeapStart curriculum is the outcome of 20 years of research by the San Diego State University. The curriculum has evolved over the years making it an organic fit for local market demands and is customized for individual schools requirements.



The focus of the Creya STEAM Lab and Design Studio is to deliver 21st Century Skills.Children get to work on different manipulative sets across the year right from Bricks / Engineering Design / Robotics / Internet of Things (IoT) / Coding / Digital Media.

The unique structure of the Creya Project Based Curriculum has Projects ( Guided activities) then moves on to a Challenge ( Slightly Open Ended Activity where Children can borrow from their learning of Projects) and finally moving to Capstone (a totally open ended problem in a new context to see if children can transfer learning and reapply).

The challenges and capstone projects that are real world connected also help children classroom theory to real-world problem solving and aligned to the UN SDG.

There is a very strong lesson plan and resources available for the teachers to deliver the program with help from Training and Year-round Implementation Support. There is a systemic place for online storage of all the project related learning experiences from our Online Digital Portifolio System.


City as Lab

City as Lab (CaL) is founded with the belief that there is a researcher in every child! CaL is an annual, city-based research project undertaken by school children which culminates in a one-day conference event.Programme Purpose: Purpose of CaL is to engage children in authentic inquiry and research using their city as a laboratory. CaL gives children an opportunity to discover their ability to reason, to think critically, to work collaboratively, but most importantly, to understand their city as participatory citizens.


Big History

Big History is an academic discipline which examines history from the Big Bang to the present. Big History resists specialization, and searches for universal patterns or trends



The School has been associated with the IAYP Programme (International Award for Young People) an exciting self-development Programme available to all young people between the ages of 14 and 25. It aims to equip them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, and to their communities and the world.


Life skills

Life-skills is a preventive socio-emotional education program with the objective of developing the Emotional and Social Quotient of learners, developing resilience and coping skills. Several sessions are conducted on each of the topics to facilitate experiential learning through introspective activities including worksheets, role-play, games, group activities etc.

Group Therapy Sessions are conducted for learners of Grade IX and 10, in smaller groups of 4 to 8 learners to facilitate meaningful insight and development. Counselling Sessions: Individual counselling sessions are conducted on a scheduled or need basis. Learners, teachers and parents are guided through their social-emotional-personal development, assisting them in developing the necessary resilience and healthy coping skills.

The Life-skills curriculum, Group-therapy Sessions and Individual Counselling session are conducted based on the following approaches; Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model, BrainGYM and Touch For Health (TFH) approaches.


Theatre Arts

The theatre programme is run by theatre professionals, who understand the nuances of theatre, acting, emoting and directing. Through the theatre programme, our learners experience and learn not only the fundamentals of a theatrical production, but also channelise their creativity and develop confidence and a spirit of camaraderie.


Outreach Programme

The school believes in undertaking initiatives for community services thereby enabling learners to be citizens of the community first and for creating a positive impact on society. The school’s Interact Club (affiliated to the Rotary Club) and the Global Perspectives Club aim at making the connection between school and the community through community service.



Clubs of various pursuits that learners can choose from, as per their choice and help in providing learners an opportunity to delve deeper into areas they are passionate about.
  • Art Cafe
  • Green club
  • Interact
  • Journalism
  • Robotics
  • Mathlete
  • Biz Club
  • Eumind
  • Makers’ Space