CAS Trip

Our IBDP learners were taken to a Forganic farm in Khopoli, to get a hands-on experience of farm life as a part of their CAS curriculum. Every aspect of the trip was planned and executed taking into consideration the IB CAS learning outcomes. Each activity had a purpose that included strategic planning, innovation, dedication, hard work, and teamwork. They were exposed to new experiences through a variety of activities planned for each day. Their personal favourite was the raft building activity. This activity gave them a chance not only to build their own floating device but also gave them an opportunity to learn the different types of knots that are used to tie and create a sturdy raft.

Another highlight of the trip was crossing the Burma bridge. This activity was not only adventurous, but it allowed them to self-evaluate their fitness, speed, strength and teamwork skills. Trekking and zip line were also activities that ensured exertion and reinforced the value of a healthy lifestyle. The Root Team also planned structured leisure time, with a bonfire with music, and games which further nurtured their interpersonal skills. Overall, the trip was a great experience which allowed all of them to bond and grow as individuals.