A multi day event spanning a host of activities classified under four broad quadrants: Artistic, Athletic, Cerebral and Expressive, InspirUs brings forth an exceptional display of skills, camaraderie and team spirit, sportsmanship and healthy competition. InspirUs aims to provide one of the largest ever platforms for our learners to not just showcase their passion and talents, but to step out of their comfort zone and attempt the new.

Innovators Convention

Creativity, the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, is the seed of innovation. At JBCN, we encourage the spirit of innovation with healthy competition amongst the learners. New arenas are open to them for exploration, experimentation and design solutions for real life problems/ needs. Conducted as a house-wise competition to inspire them to do their best, learners are encouraged to be inquisitive, research independently and collaborate in groups.

Annual Winter Carnival/Fete

This event will be the prime opportunity for the CAS learners, even from Primary to showcase their experiences during all social outreach activities. It will bring together all of our initiatives through Clubs and other programmes, including and specifically PTA led activities to help the society. These stalls, be they food, games or any other association will result in not just fun, reverie and bonding amongst all stakeholders of the community but also provide the crucial platform for fund-raising through treasure chests, rides, lucky draws and sponsorship opportunities.

Intra School Primary MUN

This event is intended to infuse amongst learners a sense of formal public speaking, generating awareness on global issues and at the same time foster a spirit of healthy public discourse on matters which are crucial in the lives and times of these millennials. The event will initiate it’s journey from the classes and will take form with the initiation at an intra-JBCN level and scale up to become a full-fledged multi-day event for the learners to organise, participate and lead.