Note from the Principal

Sumit M Dargan Principal JBCN international school Chembur
Dear Parents,

Over the last three decades, education, particularly at the school level has seen a transformation owing to technology, change in demography, economic development and a host of other local/regional factors. In these interesting times, where information is available at a click of a button, schools have to move beyond just being information providers and concentrate on skill and personality development. JBCN International School, Chembur follows forward-thinking processes using the EduCreative way to teach the learners to be prepared for tomorrow while keeping a strong focus on the Mind, Body and Soul through a holistic educational programme.

I firmly believe that a learner today is not intimidated with ‘knowledge’, but does need the resources and skills to make the most of what they learn. In a VUCA world, education is being redefined, self -learning systems are becoming ingrained in our lifestyles and life-long careers are becoming rarer. In such a world, the only constants are skills, adaptation and ethics. At JBCN, our aim is to inculcate a love of learning, acceptance that change is the only constant and an ability to adapt easily.

Whilst the changes in the world of education unfold, the skill set we need for ourselves and to impart in our learners need to be a three-fold process of Translate, Transform and Transfer. As practitioners we translate the learning and knowledge as we perceive and apply for ourselves, then use it productively, cohesively and constructively to transform ourselves and eventually transfer this knowledge and experience with others.

At JBCN Chembur, learning is not just a goal but a journey!
Sumit M. Dargan