Secondary School

Middle School – (Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme)

Grades VI to VIII

Areas of emphasis:

The Middle School implements the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme for Grades 6 to 8. The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme facilitates a naturally progressive transition for learners from Primary School and prepares them for the academic milestone examination of the Cambridge IGCSE in Grade 10, to which it provides a preparatory bridge.

Our Middle School programme is an academically rigorous, multi-faceted and intellectually stimulating academic experience that develops the skills, attitudes and behaviours that learners will need to cope with the intense academic demands of the years ahead. At the same time, it provides a plethora of opportunities to open young minds to the variegated breadth of human experience, future prospects and perspectives, equipping them to make informed decisions on their subject choices for the IGCSE course at the end of Grade 8.

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Secondary School – IGCSE (Cambridge Upper Secondary Programme)

Grades IX and X

Areas of emphasis:

The Secondary School implements the Cambridge Upper Secondary Programme in a two-year course, which starts in Grade 9 and culminates in a globally recognised qualification, the Cambridge IGCSE, at the end of Grade 10. The IGCSE qualification is widely recognised by institutions of higher education and employers around the world as evidence of academic achievement.

The 2-year curriculum develops and encourages vital educational skills, including deep content knowledge, intellectual enquiry, creative thinking and problem solving, thus preparing learners for the advanced courses of study that lie ahead.

It is a balanced, culturally aware curriculum that lends an international perspective to studies and encourages students to take personal initiative to influence positive change.

Taking into account varying personal abilities, subjects are offered either at a Core level for students within an average ability range or at an Extended level for students who demonstrate higher academic potential (*The school reserves the right to place students at the appropriate level based on assessments and other criteria).

The IGCSE grades range from A* to E and vary according to either the core or extended element. These grades are determined by a combination of work done in school during the course, called coursework, and a series of final examinations.

The IGCSE qualification opens up a variety of options for our learners; we, however, would encourage both JBCN learners and external students to consider the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IBDP is an internationally recognised qualification that is recognized worldwide. For more details, please visit .