Edutour to Coorg – Grade III

“Don’t just visit Coorg, Indulge!”
There are a few tours that have a lasting impression and leave our learners wanting for more. Coorg was one such location with its verdant coffee plantations, alluring mountains and picturesque locations. The Kodagu region has been blessed with such mesmerizing beauty that it captivates one and all. Nicknamed the Scotland of India, this resplendent destination has surely taken our Grade III learners’ breath away. They visited the famous spice gardens, cardamom forests and a sea of coffee plantation where learners got insights into the manufacturing process of coffee and spices. They also understood how coffee, cardamom, pepper, vanilla are cultivated. Learners also had hands-on experience of harvesting coffee beans and planting saplings. On the Edutour, learners got introduced to biodiversity found in a rainforest ecosystem and understood the concept of food chain through hands-on activities in a conserved forest area. They encountered elephants and learnt about their habitat by participating in their day-to-day activities at an Elephant Camp. A visit to the Namdroling Monastery a.k.a the Golden temple of Coorg was truly a mesmerizing and a spiritually uplifting experience. It was indeed an immensely memorable journey for all.