Edutour to Hampi – Grade VI

Hampi, a historical city of the Vijayanagar dynasty, under the rule of Raja Krishnadevaraya is also popularly known for its fascinating story of “Kishkinda” (Birth place of Hanuman). The Edutour to Hampi was not only historical but also adventurous and full of fun for our Grade VI learners. Taking in the wonderful sights of the City of Ruins as they entered Hampi, the learners were able to understand the reason for the city being regarded as a World Heritage site by UNESCO which is also an open museum for historians, archeologists and anthropologists. Learners and Faculty alike visited the awe-inspiring Virupaksha temple and Vijaya Vitthala temple, which had an amalgamation of different forms of arts and architecture. The temple also holds the Grand Chariot – a motif in the Indian currency note of INR 50. Visit to another temple – Purandardasa named after the Founder of Carnatic music, located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, inspired the learners to make beautiful sketches with the soft sounds of the river water in the background amidst a serene and peaceful climate. Moving on to the Queen’s bath – a colossal bath located close to the Royal Enclosure, the ancient royal palace of medieval history, the learners had an interesting and engaging scavenger hunt which helped them in exploring the history of the palace in all it’s architectural grandeur. At a village named Annegundi, learners participated in a mock excavation, taking on roles of a surveyor, excavator, mud collector and documentor, which gave them a hands-on experience of the skills of excavation and enhanced their knowledge of artefacts deeply buried in the ground. This experience also helped learners to interpret the culture of the olden times and build a trampoline of how history is the foundation of the present and even our future. Learners also engaged themselves in local community immersion, learning about core traditional crafts and also partaking of a sumptuous local meal served traditionally on a banana leaf. An early morning trek up the Matunga hill made of 13th century boulder and granite rocks proved to be fruitful as learners experienced the first rays of the mighty sun during sunrise. The Edutour ended with a visit to the famous Sloth Bear sanctuary and a closing reflective session which pondered fondly on the days that had gone by, experiences garnered and skills honed in an ancient and historical city.