Exploring the unit of Communities Around Us

The Junior kg quarter 3 unit on “Communities around us” was an enriching experience for our learners where each community was introduced by teachers through detailed dramatisation of the important aspects related to each community. There was cross cultural learning where teachers from different grades of Pre-primary came together to introduce the concept.

Multiple intelligences were beautifully interwoven since there was visual learning which took place in the form of Powerpoint presentations showing different food items, traditional attires and some materials distinct to a particular community. English and regional language skills were enhanced as learners learnt to greet each other in different languages. Musical skills were honed as learners learnt songs of different communities such as ” Sasa, Sasa disto kasa”,”Yere,yere pavsa” ,”Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way”, “Dadi maa meri Dadi maa”,”Ek biladi jaadi”, “Khao dhansak, aur ban maska” etc. Cooking activity of making sheer khurma in class was enjoyed by our learners. Every week learners got to taste delicacies of different communities. Various dance forms were taught to learners such as lavni, garba, bhangra and western dance. Learners got an opportunity to try their hands on various art forms of the regions like Bandhani, Warli Art, Madhubani, Maakolam, Pookalam. Each learner illustrated the cultural aspects about the different communities through the Thematic and Math journals. It was indeed a unit filled with excitement, entertainment and wonderful learning for our learners where they imbibed good values of respecting everyone around them and working in collaboration. Here’s a glimpse of this enriched learning!