Flashlight Friday – JBCN Borivali school

Flashlight Friday was fantastically spent using flashlights, favorite reading buddies and some interesting books, with a bunch of our grade 1 readers. While learners munched on some crunchy popcorn, they flashed torches on their books to read stories, accompanied by their reading buddies. They dedicated about 45 minutes for this activity. On the board, the facilitators pinned up flashcards of sounds that they use everyday along with the reading strategies, so that learners could flash their torches if they face a challenge while reading. Two learners were paired according to their reading levels so that those who were slightly weakers in their reading skills could take the help of his/her partner when needed. It was indeed some quality time that engaged the learners in reading, followed by a a group sharing activity – Learners and their facilitators sat in a circle with their books, buddies and popcorn and used the story cube (A cardboard box reused by wrapping it with art sheets and questions written on each side).

Learners were encouraged to answer the following questions and it was wonderful to hear their side of the story:
  • If you could give your story a new ending, what would it be?
  • Who is the most interesting character in your story? What is it that made him interesting?
  • Show us your favorite illustration from the story( we all flashed our lights to see it)
  • Give another title for your story.
  • What was the problem in the story. Was there a solution to it?

Reading initiatives such as these, at JBCN, not only inculcates the love for reading but also reinforces the fact that “Readers are indeed Leaders”.

Stay tuned for more initiatives!