Futurum – a virtual academic fest

Futurum – our first ever virtual academic fest this year – celebrated our endeavour to grow strong roots and large wings for our learners. Our activities focused on imbibing a spirit of optimism, critical and analytical thinking while being creative and innovative. Seizing every moment to encourage learning and challenging ourselves has been our motto and the platforms during the fest well-exhibited this through a myriad of strategies implemented through various activities spread over the course of the week for all sections of the school. While some of the Pre-primary activities included Foundation of coding (pre-coding activities), Design your spaceship, Fortune teller – predicting the future, Futuring Mobility, Magic letter, craft creation, the Primary learners enjoyed masquerading as their favourite story book character, designing their own superhero, designing their dream school, selling their book, a 24 card game, puppet shows, moulding their thoughts to showcase the future of the Earth, 3D shape fun, designing a bookmark that was unique, having fun with Sudoku and scavenger hunting with their family. Our Secondary learners too had a host of activities including Ad-Guru (A futuristic Ad making competition), Corporate Drama, Pixel Play digital art competition, Tech competitions such as Crypto-Analyst and Story Weaver, Literary activities including a session with Gillian Pinto (actor, singer, voice artist – Take a Poem and Make it your Own) and Young Author and motivational speaker Vinayak Mittal.The Secondary learners were also enthusiastically engaged in activities such as Changemakers Resurrected, Shakespeare Goes Bollywood, Project Moonshot, Sci-Fi FunMax, Math Fiesta and workshops for Design thinking and digital poster designing with the theme ‘Mumbai of my dreams’.

Our Pre-primary parents too joined the fun wagon for the parent-child activities comprising Futuristic Fashion, Fun with Experiments, Art & Craft, Culinary Art, while our Primary parents joined in for the Scavenger Hunt and ThinkTac Activities. The Secondary parents participated in the Scrabble Saturday activity. All-in-all a wonderful virtual celebratory educational experience to ignite our learners’ futuristic imagination and foster creativity, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking attributes.