Grade 5 camping trip to Bhilar

“Time camping isn’t spent, it’s invested” this quote holds so true for the Grade 5 camping trip to Bhilar. The camping trip was beyond wonderful. It was nice to be away from all the noise and the business of a city life for a while. The hilly regions of Bhilar was a perfect camping site with breathtaking scenery, variety of fauna and flora and a huge campus ground. Trekking, Rock climbing, Bouldering, Rappelling, Caving, building tents, making fire to roast potatoes and drinking hot chocolate, strawberry plucking, watching the million stars and constellations while awaiting a meteor to fall… and of course the team building games, were some of the fun things our learners got to do with their friends while interacting with the nature. Our learners practiced camping skills and leave-no-trace environmental protection philosophy.