Grade 5 – Math – O – Mania

The learners of Grade 5 were divided into two teams for Math-o-Mania, the Red team and the Yellow team. Each group was provided a score sheet. A board was displayed in class which had numbers from 1 to 49. The Red team chose a number from the board and striked it off. The Yellow team had to look for factors of the same number that was striked off. Once they got the factors they had to strike off those numbers from the display chart. Eg – red team chooses – 27 and yellow team looks around for its multiples 9, 3 ( as per the game rule – number ( 27) itself was not allowed) Scores were calculated as: Red : 27 and Yellow : 9+3=12.

Similarly the yellow team gives a multiple and the red team finds its factors. In case a team misses on any factor and the other team knows another factor which they missed then they can add it onto their score.

The challenge is to know which number to give the other team so that it will have few factors and thus the opponent will score less.

Also, prime numbers do not award any marks to the team who choose to give that as a factor and the team loses its chance. Thus they recognised prime numbers too while playing the game.