Grade V Pench Edutour

Pench Tiger Reserve, Seoni (Madhya Pradesh) – our Grade V Edutour destination this year, is one of the Protected Areas of the Satpura-Maikal ranges of the Central Highlands, which is among the most important tiger habitats of the world. This very location formed the inspiration to Sir Rudyard Kipling’s famous story – “The Jungle Book”. Our learners were extremely thrilled and excited and were looking forward to spending 5 days at the venue with their friends and having fun. At the Edutour, learners were found to be as independent as adults, taking complete charge of their belongings and that of the others.

Learners went absolutely ga-ga at the hands-on pottery workshop in the Panchdhar Potters village. They were struck with amazement during the safari which captured the beauty of the forest. And to add to their delight, learners caught a glimpse of a leopard, a tiger, deers, bisons, Sāmbhar, jackal, wolf and plenty of peacocks. The learners also got to see many migratory birds and the Indian Scoop Owl.

Learners tried their hands at a handmade paper making activity and realized the challenges and difficulties of making paper – a simple, day-to-day resource which is easily under-utilized and wasted.

The visit to the Gond community farming village enlightened our enthusiastic Grade V bunch. They valued the importance of hard work and simple living and the joys that come along with living in simplicity.

The journey ended with the learners bringing back sweet memories, with a few of them wanting to stay back and the others waiting for the next Edutour.