Guest Speaker – Blogger Gia Nakai

As an extension to our learning based on ‘All About Blogs’, our grade V learners got an opportunity to interact with a young blogger. This young blogger is our 10 year old learner Gia Nakai from Grade V. Gia has recently started blogging during the lockdown and took an opportunity to share her thoughts on a digital platform i.e by creating her own blog titled ‘Dahi Shakkar’. She mentioned that ‘Dahi Shakkar’ is her favourite dessert and hence she decided to title her blog using the same name to talk about her favourite things. She narrated her experience and guided learners with the steps for the process of blogging. She also shared her thoughts as to how important it is to be mindful while using a digital platform as the same is viewed by a number of people (strangers) and shared steps to ensure safety while creating a blog. She read out her favourite post from the blog followed by an interactive Q and A session wherein she confidently answered all the queries that came her way. She evoked and inspired the other learners as we heard them excitedly chatter throughout the learning sessions.