Guest Speaker – Senior KG

The quarter 1 Thematic Unit for Senior Kg ‘Our Environment’ got more interesting when the learners were introduced to a Resource Person, Ms Dipti Humraskar as a Guest Speaker who also happens to be a primary learner’s parent. As an Environmentalist, Ms Dipti helped our learners understand different concepts that were covered during their daily sessions in a more realistic environment through the virtual mode. She took the learners on a journey of Tara (a little girl) and Tuk-Tuk (Coppersmith Barbet bird) through a story. She explained that our environment consists of all living beings and their surroundings that can be sustainable for a long period of time if it’s taken care of in a proper manner. Due to the current situation of the lockdown and virtual learning, she explained how they can enjoy watching different species of animals, birds and insects in their surroundings. She also spoke about the adaptations of different species of animals to the environment. Learners were very intrigued to know more about her experience of being an Environmentalist. Their innocent queries were answered by Ms Dipti in a very child-friendly way making it easy for our learners to understand. Our little learners gave an assurance that they all will work together towards a greener and more sustainable future. Through this session, our learners have gained an appreciation and a sense of responsibility to take care of our planet and keep it beautiful.