Habitat for Humanity – IBDP parel

JBCN International School, Parel collaborated with the Habitat for Humanity Build, an NGO that provides shelter to villagers and helps rebuild homes. Our IBDP 1 and Grade 9 learners had volunteered to carry out an activity that helped them to make a difference in the lives of other people. They were briefed on the process of building houses and were divided into groups. Each group worked relentlessly, forming a chain and supplying bricks to the masons who were then carefully placing them together. Learners worked collaboratively, none of them mind the dirt and mud and loved the first-hand experience. Finished building the houses felt like a real accomplishment and it felt like all their hard work was paid off when they saw the smiling faces of the family that will be living in them.

No matter how small, they had been a part of an activity that had brought about a real change in the lives of others. Our learners felt proud and so are we of them!