IBDP programme – FAQ

JBCN is one of the best IBDP School in Mumbai. The IB Diploma Programme at JBCN incorporates value-added activities (e.g. workshop on persuasive communication, distance-learning course with the Columbia Business School) which contribute to the academic and personal growth of the learners.
The curriculum adopted by the JBCN ‘s IBDP School in Mumbai is based on the curriculum prescribed by the IBO for each of the subjects which are on offer at the school with the addition of the activities previously mentioned.
The main difference lies on the adoption of an internationally-recognised and prestigious programme such as the IBDP.JBCN IBDP School in Mumbai delivers highly qualified and experienced professionals help students gain admission to universities of their choice and face the rigours of university life with ease and confidence.
JBCN’s IBDP School in Mumbai is a licensee of the most widely used and accepted platform by IB World Schools: ManageBac. The platform allows parents to monitor their children’s attendance, academic progress, assignments, grades, curriculum documents and so on from their home or from anywhere in the world.
At JBCN we embrace and strive for international mindedness, which is one of the cornerstones of the IBDP School in Mumbai. The IB Learner Profile attributes also contribute to the promotion of tolerance and open-mindedness across our community.
Emergency drills are conducted at JBCN IBDP School in Mumbai, each quarter in order to ensure that all members of the school community are familiar with the procedure and respond effectively and safely to an emergency situation in the school.
The IB DP at JBCN is a rigorous and challenging programme which provides learners with ample opportunities of personal and academic growth. Our ultimate objective is to shape the minds, bodies and souls of young individuals so that they can make a difference in our society. To that purpose, our IBDP School in Mumbai relies on a solid Career Counselling and College Placement Department and a dynamic CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) team.
The IB Diploma Program is recognised in more than 2,000 universities and institutions of higher education in 153 countries. JBCN IBDP School in Mumbai is one of the best schools.
Grades in the IBDP School in Mumbai are expressed using a scale from 1 to 7. Each subject has its own internally and externally assessed components whose scores are linked to grade descriptors. Grade boundaries are then applied for the conversion of such scores into 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest) grades.
The choice of subjects may vary slightly from year to year but at JBCN IBDP School in Mumbai, we usually offer English A: Literature, English A: Language & Literature, Hindi B, French B, Spanish ab initio, Economics, Business Management, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies, Computer Science, Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches, Mathematics: Analysis and Interpretations, and Visual Arts.
Yes, at JBCN IBDP School in Mumbai as long as the student’s age is between 16 and 19, as recommended by the IBO. The approval of an admission test will also be required