Inclusion – Parel 19

Inclusion in the JBCN schools implies that our learners and facilitators practice inclusion in their day to day interactions. To reinforce our commitment to be inclusive, we have tied up with Jai Vakeel, one of the oldest and largest non- profit institutes in India serving children and adults with intellectual disability. 84% of their students belong to the poorest families in the country. They serve the entire spectrum of Intellectual disability from borderline IQ to mild, moderate, severe and even the most profoundly challenged.

Jai Vakeel has partnered with the Chanakya School to create a band of inclusion which is a reminder that it is important to include everyone in society regardless of age, race, gender, social status or mental ability. These bands were given to each of our learners from Grade 3 to Grade 8. Before wearing the band each learner took a pledge of inclusion. A promise to not bully, to show compassion and understanding, to help and not judge, to be open, to celebrate differences, to learn from one another and lastly to always include no matter who, no matter what.