Board Members

Board Members of JBCN group have synergised their individual expertise and experience in school management, finance, banking and marketing towards the creation of a premier educational institute.
Kunal Dalal - Managing Director JBCN Education

Kunal Dalal, Managing Director- JBCN Education

Mr. Kunal Dalal, an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University, USA is passionate about education and believes that to equip learners to be global citizens, we need to nurture their ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ in unison with each other. Before co-founding JBCN Education, Kunal Dalal worked at Rabo and Yes Bank, both financial start ups. The experience at these institutions prepared him to handle the nuances of growing organisations and an understanding of finance that enabled him to lead JBCN Education. His experience as a student of the IBDP programme enabled him to take a two pronged approach: as a student and as an educator. Today, under his dynamic leadership, JBCN has launched its new initiative, “Nation of Learning Excellence”, an endeavour to provide top-quality professional development opportunities from across the world and India to educators across the spectrum.

He is also a member of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) – a global business network of over 11,000 leading entrepreneurs across 157 chapters and 48 countries. Most recently, Mr. Dalal was selected as the Independent Director on the Board of Aptech Limited(Mumbai), an industry leader in training and education.

Hemali Dalal, Managing Director- JBCN Education

An alumnus of Georgetown University, Ms. Hemali Dalal has worked in Manhattan for 2 years before moving back to India. As an avid reader and learner, she brings with her a desire for innovation and an understanding of the importance of reading, play and exploring in the early years of a child.

As the Managing Director at JBCN Education, Mrs. Dalal leads the branding, marketing and creative departments across the schools which includes a broad gamut of activities ranging from advertisements, events and website designing, to creatively designing the spaces in the schools. Her passion has always been to pursue art and her scope of work enables her to translate that passion into reality, whether it is through designing a classroom, a hallway, an invite or by conceptualizing an event. Brand strategy, look and feel of the brand, content creation and communication with external stakeholders through various mediums is an intrinsic part of her responsibility at JBCN. As the Managing Director, she is constantly innovating to ensure that the brand creates a legacy.
Kunal Dalal - Managing Director JBCN Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”