The Master’s Programme UK

This April, five learners from IG & A Levels of our Borivali school participated in The Masters 2019 programme held in UK. They have penned down the wonderful experience that they’ve had during the programme (given below).

“This April, five of us from IG & A Levels participated in The Masters 2019 programme held in UK wherein we not only won the hearts of more than six hundred participants but also won the Group Winners Award by becoming one of the top six finalists from among seventy-two teams from sixteen different nations.

The Masters, organised by Oxford International Group- one of the top providers of junior programmes in the UK gave the learners an insight into management through their 12 days rigorous course modelled on Ivy League & Oxbridge MBA programmes.

Ambitious learners like us, interested in becoming global business leaders found ourselves engrossed in ideating businesses during the day and immersed in challenges that were stimulating problem-solving tasks designed to help groups develop our capacity to work effectively together.

The Cultural Nights saw the perfect opportunities for all of us to taste the cuisines, music, dances and drama skills from across the world.

All in all we had a great time in the sprawling Royal Holloway University!”