Oceanic Encounters

Our Grade IV learners experienced the amazing wonders of the oceanic world through 3D simulations using the nearpod.com. This virtual session allowed them to not only view the wondrous water creatures, but also, get a 360-degree experience of sailing on calm and stormy seas; facing shark encounters and witnessing breath-taking glimpses of jellyfish and the bioluminescent sea flora and much more!

The 3 D simulations were interactive 3D models that the learners could zoom into, zoom out, observe the features of the creatures, their adaptations to the Marine Biome and get a closer look at the characteristics of the species within the biome which was in close connection to the “First Line of Inquiry”: Adaptations by species to their biome, under the “Central Idea”: Ecosystems depend on the balance of organisms.

Learners were also able to draw connections with the transdisciplinary aspect of English while delving into writing creatively about oceanic creatures and using sea narratives. They were able to share details of their observations of the under the sea environment and the creatures that they explored with greater understanding.

The interaction with the sea environment within their homes was a new learning experience that they thoroughly enjoyed and cherished.