Working at JBCN

JBCN International School offers teachers a unique opportunity to be a part of young, passionate organization that has glocalisation at its heart. There are myriad opportunities for growth both within and outside of the schools for teachers. Learning at JBCN is a lifelong process so anyone who is part of the organization grows not in only professionally but also personally as a result of continuous training and workshops.

Professional Development

At JBCN, we believe that teachers are learners too. We conduct weekly trainings, Weekly Professional Reading, Mentoring Programmes, Online Courses and Self Evaluations for our teachers. They are also exposed to National and International Workshops that help them professionally.

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  • Empowering English
  • Grammar
  • Workshop on Mathematics (I.C.S.E. CURRICULUM)
  • Madhuban
  • Interpreting Children’s Drawings – “Disha Counseling Center.”
  • Care to Connect
  • Differential Learning
  • Classroom Management and Positive Disciplining, Concept Mapping
  • Working in Groups
  • Measuring Learning
  • The Inquiry Classroom
  • AECED Workshop
  • Teacher Foundation Workshop
  • Inclusive School – “The Blueberry Way”


Hear from Our Team of Educators

The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. – Steve Jobs I stepped into this prestigious organization with an undying passion for coaching and mentoring leaders of tomorrow. I have been lucky to witness this school right from its inception stage. As the school took baby steps towards growing, I saw myself developing both professionally and at an individual level.

An integral and most endearing component of my journey with JBCN has always been our dear learners. The unconventional teaching methodology at JBCN has empowered me to interact with the learners in a friendly manner. Looking back at the past 4 years, I can gladly summarise my endeavour as challenging yet enriching. I had the privilege of working with some of the finest and most seasoned professionals. I am thankful to the management for providing and promoting constant learning and development for the teachers. Right from professional trainings to personality development programmes, teachers at JBCN have not only calibrated their teaching skills but have also garnered the art of conducting themselves gracefully. Thereby, making JBCN an exemplary school that fosters growth and development in every arena.

I can conclude by expressing my conviction and solidarity for JBCN being one of the finest institutions to work with. I am proud to be a JBCNite.

Grade 4 Faculty
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty

JBCN Oshiwara Faculty
Working at JBCN International has been the most gratifying experience for me. From bonding with learners to unleashing their creativity in multiple directions, I have grown as an educator in ways that I could never have envisioned, and I have met some of the most amazing learners and people who stretch my thinking with each encounter and made teaching a total fabric of my life. I am grateful for my journey because of where it has taken me and because of where I know it will lead me.

The curriculum at JBCN not only fosters the learning experience of all the learners but also educators to explore their teaching creativity that ensures quality education. I am extremely happy to be working for an organization that inspires learning growth and creativity, and also challenges students to rise to their full potential in a warm and caring environment.

To summarise, ‘Learning’ never stops for we teachers at JBCN, where we enhance our knowledge and skills to shape a better future for tomorrow.

Grade 3 to 5 Faculty

JBCN promotes a wonderful community spirit & we couldn’t speak more highly of this fabulous school with very personable, dedicated & caring management n colleagues. Being a chess Instructor of such an esteemed school, I deem it a great honour & privilege to express my gratitude for all the support and encouragement extended throughout the past years. Our association with the school & the students has been like the game of chess that teaches skills that go far beyond the game itself. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parents of all the others.

JBCN Faculty
JBCN Oshiwara Faculty