Career Counselling

Note from the Counsellor

Welcome to the JBCN School Career Counselling Department. We are happy to help learners with all academic and career/college-readiness needs.

Our aim is to help them make more informed educational and career choices. We support the learners to explore different career options, analyse their interests and fortify their strengths. Group sessions and workshops are conducted throughout the year, supplemented with individual one-on-one and family meetings to carefully plan each learner’s academic pathway.

Among other things, our program offers information on high school course offerings, career options, academic and occupational trainings required to succeed in the workplace, and various opportunities that are associated with their field of interest. Workshops and seminars will also be organised to provide teachers, administrators, and parents with information they can use to support learners’ career exploration and post-secondary educational opportunities.



Consultant Director of Career and University Placements

Activities associated with Career Guidance and Counselling programs typically include:
  • Guidance for appropriate subject selection, interest mapping to choice of country and course for higher education internationally and within India.
  • Advising learners and parents on high school programs and academic curriculum, preparing them for college application and admission.
  • Helping parents & learners understand how to build a successful college profile over time.
  • Facilitating Recommendation letters for college and university applications
  • Organising a comprehensive Career Fair with representatives from various universities and Career fields.
  • Throughout the year, the department also organizes visits by delegates from national and international universities. Learners and families get opportunities to gain authentic and direct information about courses and admissions requirements.

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