The CAS programme at JBCN has been uniquely and thoughtfully designed at various levels to ensure deeper understanding and lasting influence on its learners. Typically, a student’s CAS programme combines planned/unplanned singular and ongoing experiences, covering various categories.

They can be categorized as follows-
  • Flagship Projects- where students take up one or two projects as a long term goal and actively participate in a planned, sustained and collaborative manner to reach the objective within the academic year.
  • Clubs- where they explore new possibilities, embrace new challenges and adapt to new roles and understand they are members of local and global communities with responsibilities towards each other and the environment.
  • Day Activities- where they undertake single or two day projects regularly, thereby learning dedication and adopting community service or sport as a part of their everyday life.

1) Social Outreach

Flagship Projects

a. Adopting a School
The goal of this program is to increase the student enrolment & retention rate, incorporate good teaching and learning techniques in government schools and ensure that the education that the children receive is effective.

  • Design and implement sport programmes or any entertainment activities for the school
  • Design a fund raising programme for the construction of new classroom blocks, toilet and library in the village
  • Donate computer and teach the learners to use basic IT skills.
  • They will also mentor the students in English.
b. Library on Wheels
  • There are certain areas or places, where it is hard to find a library and does not have a trace of reading culture.
  • Our aims to help underprivileged students in areas where there are children who would want to enhance their knowledge through additional reading opportunities.
  • This can be a weekend activity wherein we will cater to the nearby areas by distributing books.
Charity by Service club

Day Activities

a. Habitat for Humanity
  • It is a non-profit housing organization whose purpose is to build affordable housing for people in need.
  • It is an International NGO and the experience of working with them will add value to the learner’s resume.
  • Students will build houses for the villagers. The service is extended beyond gathering funds.
b. Make a wish
The Make-A-Wish Mission: To grant the one dearest innermost wish of every child between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age, diagnosed with a life threatening condition, regardless of caste, religion or economic status.

  • We can make the magic happen by becoming a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of India.
  • It is an International NGO and the experience of working with them will add value to the learner’s resume.

3) Experiential Learning in Entrepreneurship and Technology

Flagship Projects

a. CAS & TOK Retreat
  • The CAS/ TOK retreat focuses understanding the requirements of the TOK assessment components for 2-3 days.
  • During this period, students will also be engaged in various interesting CAS activities like cooking, trekking, social service, etc.
  • A career counseling workshop will also be held during that time to make the learners more aware of themselves and their environment.
b. STEM Exhibition/Science Symposia
  • Science exhibition is an opportunity for students to apply the scientific method to conduct independent research.
  • A Science Fair has the potential to get students interested in science, engineering and mathematics.
  • Throughout the semester the students will be engaged in various activities. The exhibition will be held in end of the semester to showcase their products, highlighting their learning.
c. TED Talk (Proposed name TEDX@JBCN)
TED is an international community that promotes new ideas and solution to various issues faced by the human race.

  • TEDx can be organized by the university/ school/ cooperate community to unleash new ideas, inspire and inform the community. It is a local gathering which promotes causes at a global level.
  • TEDx events are produced independently of TED conferences. Each event has expert speakers on their own but based on TED’s formats and rules. TEDx event will be organized by the students under the guidance of CAS advisors.


Student will conduct MUN club on the regular basis and accordingly they will organize their event.

  • Decide on leadership structure
  • Promote and set up registration
  • Select leaders
  • Set timeline for important tasks
  • Assign countries and topics
  • Create an online space for collaboration before the conference
  • Organize workshops at conference venue
  • Committee Meetings
  • Review the Programme of Work
  • Allot time for expert session
  • Schedule time for the review of progress
Editorial Club
Student will conduct MUN club on the regular basis and accordingly they will organize their event.

  • Learners will be engaged in publishing Newsletter and/or School Magazines or other publications
  • The aim is to train youths to be able to pen-down their thoughts and write articles on topics most significant to the generation of today.
Literary & Debating Club
The students of this club learn to think about an author’s purpose, to develop questions which can be approached from multiple perspectives, and to value the richness of the group’s thinking.

Eco Club
The primary mission of the Eco Club is to motivate and sensitize the students to keep their surroundings green and clean and also to educate them to create awareness amongst public and gather information on bio-diversity. Ex. Vertical Garden.

Film Appreciation Club
  • Film Appreciation’ is a humble attempt to make you aware of the potential of cinema and empower the artist and audience aiming towards a more enriching experience.
  • Through a thorough study of the history of modern cinema and current cinematic conventions and techniques, students will gain an appreciation and ability to “read” a film beyond its standard on-screen meaning for deeper understanding behind the goals and motivations of the film’s director, producer, and producing studio. Using this knowledge, students will create their own critique of a film in which they identify the cinematic conventions used in the film to discern the message or goal of the director that lies beneath the visual surface of the film.
  • Students will further apply these skills to television programs and commercials to understand how different programs and products broadcast themselves and for what purposes they choose to do so. It is hoped that through an introduction to the analysis of film and television, students will gain a more critical eye for the world around them and be more inclined to question and ponder events and occurrences that interest them.
Budding Entrepreneurs’ club
Entrepreneurship development is the process of improving the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs through various training and classroom programs. The whole point of entrepreneurship development is to increase the number of entrepreneurs.

  • The club aims at individuals who want to start or possibly expand a business. Entrepreneurship development also focuses a lot on enhancing the ideas and potential of an entrepreneur.
  • They also will be taught how to gather the required resources in order to meet the goals of their venture. The program will have outlined methods through which entrepreneurs can improve the performance of their business in the long run.
Day Activities
Visit to various industries/companies, Science centres, Art galleries according to the curriculum taught.

4) Creative and Performing Arts

Flagship Projects

  • Art is everywhere- and we want to encourage our learners to explore about different art forms (theatre, music, dance forms, paintings) in different nations.
  • The learners will focus on different perspectives and will learn to present their opinions without the fear of being judged. Their exhibition will showcase their understanding of different art forms. Training will be provided by the experts in the field.
b. Music and Dance Festival
  • Students can initiate the planning of cultural event for the school children with the help of five CAS stages. This could also be a fundraising event to support the service programme of the school.
  • For the success of the event students need to form various committees like- Ticket Committee, Decorating committee, Discipline committee, Music Committee, Games committee, food committee, Advertising Committee and one steering committee. Such functions. The whole exercise of raising funds through party and using it for benefit of others made students more caring.


Music Club
  • Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity, it develops creative thinking & helps the mind to grow.
  • The activity is led by a group of creative students who aspire to be tomorrow’s musicians and vocalists. They enjoy different genres of music and are ever ready to experiment their talent.
Cultural Club
  • Celebrating regional days
  • Literary week
  • Hindi Divas
  • Halloween party
  • Food Fiesta
Drama & Theatre Club
  • Writing and putting on a play.
  • Creating and producing a show.
  • Producing a short film (a variety of subjects are possible).
Photography Club
  • Skill Building
  • Story telling: Have them take a photograph of anything and write a story about it
  • Create a blog: Student’s own corner of the internet, they can post their images, add captions, and record what they are learning.
  • To encourage an appreciation of photography.
  • To increase our skills by offering a wide variety of services and activities.
Cooking Club
  • Cooking without fire can be real fun! The students of this club happily dish up exciting delicacies without even have to turn on the burner and use some fuel.
  • Saving non-renewable source of energy is an art too!
Art & Design Club
  • The children are encouraged to be spontaneously creative, using a variety of media and techniques in art and craftwork.
  • Participating in writing, painting, ceramics and jewelry- making workshops and exhibiting the resulting creations.
a. Cultural Carnivals (Christmas, Literary festival)
  • Students who volunteer for Cultural Event would get opportunities to address all seven learning objectives. As they would be involved in raising funds for the event. They would get an opportunity to identify their own strengths and weaknesses through working collaboratively with others.
  • Students are able to develop social skills, consider the ethical implications of their actions, engage with issues of global importance, and show perseverance and commitment in their activities.
  • This can be executed as a fund raising event too.
b. Cultural Evenings (Fundraisers, Socials)
  • Students will be divided in groups of 5 and 20 minutes will be given to each group.
  • The students will present about the political, social and economic situation in different countries.
  • They also have to express the culture of different countries through art/dance/music.
  • A food festival will be organized and the students will be dressed in native outfits.
  • This can be organized once in every quarter
a. International Trip: Prague
As part of our CAS series, we explore Creativity, Activity and Service through individually focused days in Prague.

Prague, CAS Trips’ flagship destination, has a plethora of options to inspire and motivate students to delve deeper into the true meaning of CAS and the opportunities to make it a defining element of their IB Diploma Program. From innovative and eye- opening Street Art workshops to bob-sleighing and planning, preparing and cooking a meal for in excess of 70 homeless people in co-operation with local charities, the Prague CAS program is guaranteed to invigorate your school’s CAS program.

b. International Trip: Edinburgh, Scotland
As part of our CAS series, we explore Creativity, Activity and Service through individually focused days in Edinburgh.

Modern day Edinburgh is the perfect setting to delve deeper into the possibilities of CAS – with a spectacular Gothic UNESCO- listed old town playing host to some of the most dynamic and varied art schools and community projects in the world, while the surrounding Highlands offer endless outdoor activities.

In a deep exploration of this wonderful culture of community we discover the ancient art of Scottish storytelling, visit unique local arts projects, ramble and kayak through the glorious mountains, dance the night away in a traditional Ceilidh and get involved with some fantastic charities.
The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants across to the less fortunate people.

A group of young Indian citizens wearing green T-shirts venture out at night with a mission to serve the homeless and hungry leftover food from restaurants and caterers. They call themselves the Robin Hood Army.

At Greensole, they recycle discarded shoes to comfortable footwear, keeping them away from landfills and provide them to children in need.

They also retail, upcycled footwear towards building a self-sustaining social venture.

Focus on – Primary School Education
A non-profit organization, Teach For India works on removing educational inequality and is a part of the global Teach For All network.

The movement works on two levels: Placing TFI Fellows at local government schools for a period of two years to create impact and; creating a community of these fellow alumni who are now TFI advocates.

Interns will work in several departments towards achieving these goals.

Focus on – Addressing basic needs (Clothing)
Goonj focuses on essential needs, specifically clothing. It has created a bridge between urban and rural by repurposing discarded clothing and giving it to the needy.

It uses clothing in exchange for creating rural infrastructure and encourages a culture of giving in urban areas. It works towards disaster relief, women’s hygiene issues and rural income generation.

Fun filled road trip for housekeeping staff/ senior citizens/homeless children will be organized by our learners.
Activities like these help in developing various attributes – they become aware and sensitive to others around them.

Working with Enrichment Team: Conducting meaningful sessions on friendships, respect, better appreciation and understanding of individual differences, and being prepared for adult life in a diverse society. Also the learners will help the team in developing variety of resources to support inclusion

f. Weekend Workshops
Different workshops will be arranged on weekends for Learners
  • Importance of digital understanding
  • Time management and self management
  • Effective research skills
  • Science – Camp K-12 – Application development workshop
  • Business Studies – Understanding case studies.
  • Fun with Science
  • Mindfulness in Education
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Helping the parents in understanding good control and bad control.
  • Decision making
  • Life Lessons- Ability to trust, Team Building
The enriching creative experiences at JBCN International School comprise practical, cultural and challenging activities, designed to support the personal and social development of our young learners. The experiences, coupled with our academic programme form our Mind Body Soul programme, which facilitates a balanced and holistic development of our learners.

The IB Diploma Programme Core comprises: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity and Service. The Core of the IB Diploma Programme blends in beautifully with our EduCreative experiences at JBCN ensuring a seamless transition.
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NOTE: All the events and clubs mentioned for the new IBDP programme are proposed and subject to change.