Scholarship for Excellence

JBCN Education would like to offer a scholarship programme to reward learners who have been exceptional performers and are truly deserving of an education which will allow them to pursue their dreams and go beyond!
Through the scholarship, the students will get free/subsidised education in the IB Diploma Programme of JBCN Education at the Parel campus in Mumbai, for one or both the years of the Diploma Programme.

Two scholarships will be sponsored annually in recognition of excellence, one by Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala (President, RARE Enterprises and a Key Investor of JBCN Education Pvt. Ltd.) and the other by Mrs. Pinky Dalal (Founder and Chairperson, JBCN Education).

Eligibility criteria :

The eligibility of an ‘applicant learner’ will be based on his /her predicted performance in the IGCSE/ICSE/CBSE or equivalent Std X Board Examination:

  • The ‘applicant learner’ must have secured an A* in IGCSE or the equivalent highest grade in any other equivalent board, in 90% of all the subjects attempted or a total 5 A*, whichever is higher. In the event of the calculated result being a decimal, the number of subjects will be rounded off to the next highest integer.
  • If an applicant shows exceptional abilities and achievements in non-academic activities like sports, music, art, etc. – special concession will be made regarding academic grades. This concession may be made separately under a Non-Academic Excellence Scholarship.

IBDP Scholarship

Admission process

The ‘applicant learner’ seeking admission to the IB Diploma Programme must fill in an application form (available on the website) accompanied by the documents mentioned. Following this, the selected applicants will be required to undertake a rigorous evaluation process consisting of an assessment and a personal interview with the JBCN Admissions Committee.

A Composite Eligibility Score based on merit and the interactions with the ‘applicant learner’ and his/her parents, shall be arrived at. The scholarship shall be awarded on the basis of the Composite Eligibility Score (CES).

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