Our academic philosophy has been formed over years of experience but to put it simply, it would be learning for understanding and ensuring holistic learning.

The conceptual basis of all our efforts at JBCN International is learning for deeper understanding. Through our dynamic teaching methodologies which combine thematic and interdisciplinary approaches, every learner becomes an active participant in the learning process. Simply put, this approach introduces the learner to a “big conceptual idea” through an interdisciplinary theme that connects all learning into a ‘big picture’ that facilitates deeper understanding.

Learning is continuous and links different subjects. Our programme has been planned to develop higher order thinking skills that go beyond rote learning and acquisition of information. Our learners will develop an ability to analyse and synthesise, to evaluate and interpret information, so that they can meaningfully apply it to a variety of problem-solving situations in real life.

At JBCN, we also believe in holistic education – therefore we have introduced an EduCreative Programme – which ensures that learners are exposed to a programme that will develop their mind, body and soul. In today’s global environment it is important to give learners the opportunity to develop their whole person and not just concentrate on one aspect. As a school for the future – we believe our children will be able to face our ever changing world.