Co-curricular Activity

At JBCN the co–curricular programme is an integral part of our EduCreative Process and enables us to truly build on our Mind Body Soul Programme. We have a combination of in-house and external experts who contribute to and seamlessly conduct the Co-curricular programme at school. Our belief is that learners should be exposed to a wide array of skills from a young age, which is why we have a co-curricular programme even for our pre primary learners.

Our programme takes into account the age and the ability of the children and builds on their skill set and hones their natural abilities.

Sports and Fitness:

  • Football and Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Handball
  • Athletics – Track and Field
  • Gym
  • PE/Games
  • Swimming
  • Chess

Creative and Performing Arts:

  • Music, Choir and Band
  • Dance
  • Speech & Drama
  • Film Making
  • Theatre Arts
  • Graphic Designing
  • Mickey Mehta’s fitness bootcamp
  • Persuasive Communication

Social Outreach:

  • PSHE
  • Global Social Leadership
  • Life Skills
  • MUN


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