Value Addition

Creative Writing

Writing is a process which can be nurtured using the right techniques and tools. This Program draws on the participants’ inherent inclination and talent towards writing. The Creative Writing Club for Grades 6, 7 and 8 is a hands-on, active learning class for those interested in different forms of writing for various media. For instance, writing short stories and poetry and long format writing, such as books.

Some of the areas the Program will focus on include:
  • How to start writing for yourself – and different audiences
  • What is ‘writer’s block’ and how to overcome it
  • Imagination building exercises for creative channelization of thoughts
  • How to develop better observation powers
  • Different writing styles and avoiding common mistakes

Writing for online platforms like blogs and social networking sites is an important Program component. Basic news media literacy will also be inculcated in students by developing an understanding of the various types of news publications, their functioning and how to distinguish fake news from real, credible news sources. We will undertake field visits to newspaper offices and news channels as part of the Program
Creative Writing


First in Math

First in Math
The First in Math is an online programme helps in establishing a culture of math success in schools and creates interest and reduces fear of mathematics in learners.


Lego Programme – The Curiosity Club

Learners will use Lego to reinforce learning concepts. When learners build with their own hands, learning is more meaningful and they will retain the concepts better. Learners will essentially be “thinking with their hands. “Concepts such as patterns, opposites, counting, stories, and free-building will help learning become more fun and hands-on Learners will build more creatively – animals, habitats, communities, solar system, etc. are some of the topics they would learn with LEGO. Learners will represent what they have learned through LEGO models. All of it is without instructions, allowing them to express their creativity without restrictions.

The Curiosity Club’s Lego Group helps in learning simple science and engineering concepts and are introduced to coding.

The learners will develop:
  • Fine motor skills
  • Introduction to coding
  • Logical thinking
  • Translating creativity and imagination into three dimensional objects
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
 Lego Programme – The Curiosity Club


Kids Techie Club

Robotics Programme – The Curiosity Club
Replaces the current conventional methods of teaching & learning with hands-on solutions, creating playful learning experiences that enable every student to succeed by supporting teachers to grow students’ critical thinking and creativity for a digital future.

  • The core of the concept is the power of building Advanced Robotics Systems with a user – friendly programming software and engaging curriculum activities.
  • Students are guided to DESIGN, BUILD, PROGRAM and RUN Smart Robots
  • It helps them to under-stand the ‘Aerodynamics’ or the ‘Physics of Flight’.
  • Program the microcontroller and Embedded systems.


Lessons in the Dark

Lessons in the Dark prepares children and young adults to face the challenges of the 21st century with positivity and strength of character.

Their aim is to contribute towards character development, teach life skills, build confidence, hone communication skills, further lateral thinking and foster values. Most importantly, encourage real life application of the academic concepts taught at school.

It is an interactive value education and life skills program for our learners.
Each session consists of age appropriate short films of varied duration.
At the end of the Academic year all students will be awarded the certificate duly acknowledging their participation in the program.
Lessons in the Dark


Clap Talk

 Clap Talk
Is engaged in connecting international tourists/students and/or foreign residents to local classrooms and curating eye-opening conversations & related content.

Improve cultural learning and understanding between different countries by empowering schools, educators, teachers, students and people from various countries.

Collaborates with the School for implementation of the Clap Programme whereby various Travellers from all over the world will interact with the students of the School and share experiences about themselves, their work, life and country based on a pre-designed Clap Curriculum.


Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots was Jane Goodall, DBE in 1991, with the goal of bringing together youth from preschool to university age to work on environmental, conservation and humanitarian issues.


Teacher Gaming

Teacher Gaming LLC is an independent game development company started by teachers and developers from the United States and Finland.

Our mission is to expand game-based learning into classrooms worldwide. Currently we are working on bridging the worlds of entertainment and education through our own online games marketplace.


SAM Labs

SAM Labs is a makes app-enabled construction kits, designed for people of all ages to learn STEM, play, and create with technology and the Internet of Things.


Robotics Programme – The Curiosity Club

Robotics is a tool that can be used to enhance and add value to the teaching of any concept. Junior KG: Children will be introduced to robots with a friendly wooden robot, Cubetto. Learners will use direction blocks to program the robot to move on a mat.

At the end of the year, junior KG students will be introduced to KIBO, which they will take up in the following year

Senior KG: KIBO is also a wooden robot, which uses a block based programming language with barcodes. Learners will be introduced to sensors and motors in this course. Over the year, complexity of programming will increase while the class continues to be integrated with curriculum.


Oxford Reading Tree

The Oxford Reading Tree is one of the most successful reading scheme used worldwide. Rooted in reading for pleasure and with phonics at it’s heart, Oxford Reading Tree’s well loved characters, breadth and varied reading styles provide children with all skills to become confident readers.

The books are graded with book bands indicating the reading levels starting from Level 1 in Nursery, upgrading to level 3/4 in Junior Kg and going up to level 4/5 in Senior Kg.

The Oxford Reading Tree programme also provides various assessment strategies to determine the reading levels achieved by the learners over a period of time. This then forms the base for moving to the next level of reading.


Star Reading Program

Leads students towards greater reading growth with standards-based, computer-adaptive assessments that measure students’ reading comprehension, monitor achievement and growth, and track understanding of focus skills aligned to your state-specific learning standards.



Funtootcreates a customized learning path for each child by taking into account his/her understanding level, interests, current and past performances and knowledge dependencies.

The machine learning coupled with artificial intelligence makes the process to learn maths fun & easy. The pedagogy is also intelligently designed to help students crack competitive exams like Maths Olympiad, IMO & NTSE.