Parent involvement – Culture and Community

Parents play an important role in a child’s development and parent-school partnership goes a long way to enhance learning. We were happy to welcome a few enthusiastic parents of the Junior Kg grade who volunteered to participate in explaining the thematic concept of cultures and communities around us in quarter 3. Various communities were introduced every week such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Parsi, Christian, Marathi, Koli, South Indian, Marwari, Muslim and Bengali and the parents extended learning in interesting ways. They brought different artifacts, dramatized stories, used power-point presentations to help learners visualize stories and images. The learners also relished food items related to the community brought by parents. Some parents presented a folk dance, sang a regional song and even said sentences in the language related to a particular state for learners to pick up. Learners were thrilled to see their parents come and teach in school.

They were also involved in some fun craft activities in the class to help them make suitable connections and learn more. The efforts of the teachers and the cooperation of parents made this concept interesting to learn. The message imparted to the learners was about beauty in the diversity that India has and that we all are bonded together with colorful strings of peace and harmony.

We are extremely thankful to our parent body for investing their valuable time in contributing to the conceptual understanding of learners.