Paris the city of joy – Oshiwara

Learning is more than simply understanding concepts, it is also about making connections. It is among one of our highest priorities as educators because without the ability to make connections there would be no effective learning at all. March 2019 saw our learners visit France as a part of the French immersion programme. Twenty three learners from Grades 7 to Grades 9, along with their teachers left for France, where they spent ten days learning, understanding and soaking up the language and the experience of France. Our learners stayed with locals hosts and partook of their hospitality and food. Our gracious hosts shared their warm and loving homes with us and our learners in returned their affection by sharing their precious maggie noodles and theplas. Some even managed to cook chicken tikka masala for their hosts which was relished!

Our learners received their dose of French learning each day and then visited the city and soaked in the wonderful sites of Paris. They enjoyed visiting the louvre, the Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower, Chateau de Versaille, Disneyland among many other sites. Our learners bonded vey well with each other and their French hosts.They returned on April 1st early morning – tired but replete with great memories and experiences! Au Revoir!!!!