Pench Edutour – Grade V

It is rightly said by Saint Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” Our Grade V bunch of adventurers, travelled to The Pench National Park during their recent Edutour from Feb 16-20, 2020 to gain first-hand experience about Wildlife, Natural Habitats and Conservation. The Pench National Park which not only offers insights into tiger reserves, its influence on people and culture living around the park, but also provides one with an opportunity to extend their learning towards sustainability. It was easy to witness the curiosity of the learners as their learning outcomes unfolded each day. Every visit, exploration, workshop and discussion was fruitful due to their interest. During their safari, learners were able to understand the sound/call of the animals for their movement and interdependence on each other as well as the habitat and schedules of migratory birds and their role in the ecosystem. Informative session on the importance of wildlife and forest conservation by the team of the Conservation Wildlife Trust served our learners with a plethora of information about tiger reserves, various villages around, etc. Learners were able to gauge the culture, challenges and human development of the Gond tribe on their visit to the Pachdhar and Kamrith villages and enjoyed a nature trail thereby understanding the role of smaller insects and animals in the ecosystem and helping them understand the interconnection between people and animals. Various workshops such as the Gond Painting and Paper-mâché provided learners with a platform to showcase their creative side. One of the highlights for our learners during the Edutour was a ‘Stargazing Session’. Learners shared their understanding and were taken a step further to witness constellations, meteor showers, polar star, moon, planets like Saturn and Jupiter, etc. Learners found themselves fortunate enough to witness the International Space Station passing through during the stargazing session in the wee hours of the morning. Overall, it was a great learning experience for our learners as they returned home not only with fond memories but with a vast knowledge of Pench’s biodiversity, lifestyle of the local communities and the jungle safaris.