Playful Pajama Party for Junior Kg

To incorporate an exciting change in our daily school routine, a playful pajama day was organized for our Junior Kg learners. The learning atmosphere was cosy across the grade, which included warm blankets, pillows, stuffed animal friends with soothing lullabies being played in the background. After settling on their sleeping blankets, the learners couldn’t resist sharing their colourful bed-time storybooks with each other, which encouraged the concept of “buddy reading”. The learners dressed in their nightwear also enjoyed an engaging bedtime story session about “nocturnal animals” as a part of their thematic unit “Day & Night”. Through the night-time role play, learners were encouraged to set-up their sleeping bags, which enhanced their gross motor skills, while the night routine actions such as brushing, bathing, and sleeping fostered their social skills, vocabulary and the significance of hygiene before going to bed.