Pre-primary Mini-Jamboree

After an eager wait, the Annual Event of the year “Mini Jamboree” finally took place on the 20th & 21st of April 2018.

The academic fest along with a puppet show was held on Friday, 20th April 2018. The activities gave learners a pragmatic learning experience. There is nothing better than hands-on, concrete learning experiences in the pre-primary years. Various activities (both mental and physical) were planned that aimed at developing fine motor and gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, enhance communication skills, understand multi-step instructions and most importantly build self-confidence in learners. The tiny tots were very excited and they enthusiastically participated in all the academic fest activities which were conceptually based. The Puppet Show by Katha Weavers conveyed a powerful message to the audience through the storytelling and handmade props. This show was an extension to enhancing language and imaginative skills in learners.

The final show day of the cultural fest was held on the 21st of April 2018. All the learners and teachers participated in it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Parents were excited to watch the learners perform on stage. Our learners were cheerful, peppy and looked enthusiastic to showcase their talent through the Tribal, Salsa, Arabic, Robotic, Japanese, Disco and Fusion dances on stage. Parents encouraged their children and boosted their confidence with loud claps, whistles and non-stop cheering.

Everyone put in their best efforts and worked together to make the event a memorable one for all. The academic fest was enriching and the cultural fest was indeed, a delightful treat for the eyes.