Primary and Secondary Hindi Divas

JBCN celebrates every occasion with a sense of enthusiasm in their heart and a multifarious approach towards every celebration. Hindi is lost as a language in its own country of origin and must be respected and honoured by every individual living in India.

The primary learners began the celebration with a dance and song performance . Learners wrote poems and riddles in hindi and explaining the importance of the language.

For the secondary section, the Hindi divas celebration took place with a calming but melodious prayer, which was followed by an Indian classical dance performed by Grade 6 and 7 learners. The celebration of Hindi divas portrayed the respect of our school towards Indian culture albeit being an International school. The importance of Hindi was emphasized in a speech.This was followed by a street play about the transition of our language in society. As a final act, a mesmerizing dance filled the air with excitement! A flawless singing performance reminded everyone of the beauty of Indian music.

Learners had a great time celebrating India’s national Language, Hindi on “Hindi Divas”