Profession Day – Nursery

The Nursery thematic unit for Quarter 3 on Modes of Transport culminated by giving our learners an experiential experience through Profession Day; wherein our tiny tots got to interact with all the 4 modes of transport under one roof. All the Nursery homerooms were transformed into different modes of transport i.e., waterways, airways, railways and roadways. Learners moved from one class to another making connections with all that they had learnt in the quarter. There was a construction corner and a water play set up for learners to explore. The facilitators did a recap of vehicles that are fast and slow, big and small. The concept of float and sink as well as rhymes and picture talks related to transport were done, thereby integrating Math and English too. At the end of the day parents too were invited to take a gallery walk of the various displays and continue the extension of the learning at home.